The Voice Audition 2

The second episode of this show kicks off with a Judges Vocal!  A Prince medley ensues (led by Xtina, of course).  This is another thing that could NEVER HAPPEN on Idol.  Pretty sure Randy can’t actually sing.


The Line (Hailey and Leland) – “American Girl” – These guys were just OK for me.  They have potential to be molded, and they harmonize well, but I didn’t think they are anything amazing at this point.  All four judges turn around, and they go with the less obvious choice of TEAM XTINA.

Jamar Rodgers – “Seven Nation Army” – Well hello familiar face Jamar Rodgers.  Remember Danny Gokey’s BFF that got cut way before his time.  Well, now he is getting his shot.  He is now living in the Bronx.  He reveals he is HIV positive…this never came up on Idol at all!  I wonder if he never revealed it to producers, or producers were to scared to profile a kid with HIV.  At any rate, I’m glad he gets to tell his story.  His performance was pretty good, and I’m excited to hear more from him.  CeeLo is the only judge who picks him, so he goes TEAM CEELO.

Neal Middleton – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” – He had a slightly manic southern rock performance.  Decent voice, but he belongs with a band somewhere in Alabama.  No judges picked him, so he heads home.

Gwen Sebastian – “Stay” – She sounds very much like Sugarland, and I think she will do well.  She chooses TEAM BLAKE.

Pamela Rose – “Already Gone” – Another SoFlo contestant!  She was really pitchy throughout the entire song, and caused none of the judges to turn around.

Kim Yarbrough – “Tell Me Something Good” – Wow, she is another one of these people who I can’t believe has never been signed.  She is amazing, and goes TEAM ADAM.

Angie Johnson – “Heartbreaker” – This soldier was discovered by Carson Daily on YouTube, and he wanted her to have the chance to try out for this show.  She has a nice gritty rocker voice, and she pulled off a tough song right on pitch.  The only managed to woo CeeLo, so the is TEAM CEELO.

Dez Duron – “I Want It That Way” – I think his song choice really what brought him down.  He is not a bad vocalist, and it wasn’t the boy band song, necessarily, but more so chosing to sing a group song solo.  I felt like he was struggling to sing both the lead and backing vocals.  He didn’t manage to woo any of the judges, but Xtina seemed to regret not turning around.

Lindsey Pavao – “Say Aah” – Such a hipster performer–I think she is a great song interpreter and has an interesting voice.  She would get eaten alive on Idol, but she might do well in this format.  She chooses TEAM XTINA.

Hoja Lopez – “Teenage Dream” – She had some weird vocal issues – not pitchy, but like she was holding back, and her voice didn’t shine through.  She was sent home.

Jermaine Paul – “Complicated” – He has a great, great voice, but his performance was a little manic.  I think he needs to work on control a bit.  He gives the judges a hard time and it sounds like he might have some ego issues.  He surprisingly chooses TEAM BLAKE.

Angel Taylor – “Someone Like You” – I think Adam was right, that she was nervous at the beginning.  You can tell she has mad vocals and she is holding back for some reason–I think she needs to let go and let those mad vocals shine.  She chooses TEAM ADAM.

These two-hour performance episodes are LONG…but the talent here is pretty amazing.  I am excited to watch this show unfold.  Until Monday…

The Voice (Audition 1)

So how could I resist weighing in on one more singing competition!?  I watched most of last season of The Voice, and was pretty impressed.  And with all the hype, I think this season is going to be top notch.


(I didn’t catch the beginning of the show because my DVR and the Superbowl didn’t match up, so I missed the first performance, but she went TEAM BLAKE)

Jesse Campbell – “A Song For You” – Single Dad from Illinois got everyone to push their button by the sixteenth bar!  Sometimes I literally do not understand how these talented people have yet to be discovered.  This guy is amazing, and polished.  Wow.  All of the judges fight for him.  But he chooses TEAM XTINA.

Daniel Rosa – “Animal” – Geez, hes quite a crier.  But he didn’t get any of the judges to turn around.  Poor guy.  He just needs a little vocal coaching.  Take some lessons and go try out for Idol.

Juliet Simms – “Oh Darlin” – She’s from Clearwater.  Whatup, Florida! She sings with some serious passion.  Not sure if I love the raspy quality with the high pitch of her voice.  But she’s pretty good, and she goes TEAM CEELO.

Chris Mann – “Because We Believe” – This guy definitely has formal opera training, and he is good.  I’m glad he came out and just blew it out of the water.  He chose TEAM XTINA.

Tony Lucca – “Trouble” – The former Mouseketeer even already has his own Wikipedia Page.  He is like, pretty much already famous.  And of course Xtina doesn’t recognize her old pal.  But then again, I might not remember someone I met in middle school either.  Despite the old ties, Tony chooses TEAM ADAM.

So night one was very impressive!  This is really a whole different breed of auditioners than Idol seeks out–pre-screened professionals that just haven’t broken into the mainstream.  It is a refreshing change of pace from idol’s amateur hour.  I think I’ll stick with this one.