How did I spend my post-Idol evening?

Watching this. On repeat.

The best Vegas Trio from Idol 11 reprising their famous Vegas Performance. I guess they snuck Candice backstage during last summer's Idol tour. Maybe this summer she can sneak Jessica and Deandre backstage to do this again. Love.



Season 9 Auditions: Orlando

Well, I am here, and surprisingly, I have seen very few costumes so far today! They told us to come at 5am, but I smartly got here at 7, which turned out to be perfect–just in time for crowd shots. Here are the photos so far:


Justin Guarini, of course. He is almost as ubiquitous as Seacrest!



Seacrest doing what he does best. He jetted out faster than he jetted out


Next up, indoor shots. I need to conserve the battery on my laptop so those will come in a bit. Video to come after I leave. The talley so far is 23 people have made it. For a constant bombardment of info, follow me on twitter:

Let The Stalking Begin

I know I have been a bit MIA since the finale. And I have no excuse. But the month of July seems to be the month of idol stalking, so get ready for updates! I am currently in my hotel room in Orlando gearing up for Idol auditions tomorrow morning. Today, I went over to the Amway Arena to pick up a ticket and wristband. I saw Charlie Belcher, the “Idol Guy” from the Tampa Fox affiliate, filming some promos out front. I run into this guy everywhere – I should really introduce myself (or just steal his job).


I was told to be back at 5am but I know from experience that nothing will start until 7, and your place in line is irrelevant because you sit in assigned seats based on the printed ticket. But I will be there, and hopefully get some pictures of idol hopefuls in ridiculous costumes, and grab a glimpse of Seacrest. Also, the group song is Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker, which I’m sure we will sing over and over.

The instructions given to me today say that they are not allowing video cameras or “professional” cameras. I don’t know what constitutes a “professional” camera, but I only have a DSLR, so I’m bringing it, and my little flip video. I guess I will have to be discreet.

I will be live blogging and twittering, hopefully giving you lots of pictures and video if I can sneak some. And if I’m feeling lucky, I might actually audition (it is the last year I am eligible, after all.)


Kris Allen Homecoming Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Kris’s homecoming to Conway and Little Rock, AR (thanks to Chris for the photos!)

Kris’s first concert in Little Rock:


Kris’s second concert in Conway:



(Aren’t Kris and his wife Katy so adorable?)

If you were ambivalent or even disliking (gasp!) of Kris on last week’s show, watch him sing this version of Come Together.  Seriously, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.  Awesome.  Or as Kris fans would say, Kick Awesome.

Kris performs She Works Hard For The Money:

Falling Slowly:

Ain’t No Sunshine:

(same videos as below, but now all of your Kris news is all in one place!)

News from Conway, Milwaukee, and San Diego

I’ll try to keep this post as organized as possible, but I want to bring updated news as to what is going on at the homecomings!


Via, a performance on Milwaukee’s Fox affiliate by Jamar, and Danny gets glasses and Kopp’s Custard, which makes me so hungry:;;playerWidth=400;playerHeight=355;isShowIcon=true;clipId=3738887;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript

A few Danny fan photos:


Kris gets two keys to two cities, and the female anchor is so annoying and a complete fangirl. Also scroll through to find his performance of Come Together unplugged – FAN FREAKING TASTIC.{articleID:”76128″,bannerAdObjectID:”96″,videoAdObjectID:”95″,videoAdConDefID:”35″,playerInstanceID:”27574A89-06D1-CD92-4444-22719C5099EC”,domain:””,rootCategory:”null”,categoryID:”8113″,accPos:”CCTVI.OTHER5″,accSite:”KLRT”});

Kris performing at the Amphatheater in downtown little rock via annaolson on twitter:

Kris allen homecoming. #Americanidol on Twitpic

Kris performs She Works Hard For The Money:

Falling Slowly:

Ain’t No Sunshine:


He is on west coast time, so a little bit behind the other two, but you can link to some local fox coverage (the video is too big to embed here).

And the crowd waits at Adam’s high school.


Adam sings Black or White (partial):

Mad World (with a streaker!):

Homecoming Day!

Friday is homecoming day for the top 3.  And I will be following the festivities as much as I can tomorrow.

Kris is already in Little Rock, and their fox affiliate is going crazy!

The fox affiliate in San Diego doesn’t seem to be pimping Adam’s homecoming quite as much.

I have to say that I am super pumped to follow Danny’s trip to my hometown of Milwaukee.  Danny’s brother is actually a cameraman at the local Fox 6 station, so they are definitely pumped.  And if I know Milwaukee (which I do) they will put on a good show.  Danny will be performing at the Summerfest grounds tomorrow afternoon, AND he is throwing out the first pitch at the Brewers/Cubs game (which would be a sellout crowd anyway).  I SOOO  wish I could be there myself, but in my absence, Special Corespondant Michelle will be attending the event and twittering all the festivities, which I will relay here.  Thanks Michelle!