Friday Roundup 02.17.12

It has been an exciting week of TV reality show auditions and American Idol alumni appearances! This is the first post of a new feature here on, entitled the Friday Roundup.

Ok, it’s a working title.  Don’t judge.

imageIdol alum were all over the place this week, beginning with a strong showing at the Grammy Awards last Sunday evening. Kelly rocked the “just rolled out of bed” hair while rocking out with Jason Aldean. She held the whole show together while the poor guy had mic problems–always a professional. Ms. Underwood also looked stunning per usual.


But of course the most moving performance was from Jennifer Hudson in memory of Whitney.
She even rocked the Whitney hair. Please remind me again how John Stevens and his performance of Crocodile Rock finished ahead of her on Idol?


imageMonday night we got to see Kat McPhee on her FAB new show Smash. I have finally caught up with my DVR and just today watched the first two episodes of Smash. And I am quite mad…mad that I let these sit for two weeks of my DVR unenjoyed! This is seriously my new favorite show. I love every. single. thing. If you have not watched, it is well worth your time. And Ms. McPhee, you are fab!

The Voice auditions continued Monday night, as well. The teams are rounding out well, but the two-hour episodes are killer. Blind auditions continue the next two weeks, but I am very much looking forward to moving on to the next round of competition.

Idol wrapped up Hollywood Week with some of the best Hollywood audition episodes ever. Not because of the outstanding performances, but because it featured a wide range of contestants with generous amounts of singing and easy on the drama. Basically, just the way I like my Idol episodes cooked. However, the last round of brutal cuts in yesterday’s episode left me with a little bitter taste. imageGabi Carubba and Schyler Dixon got the shaft, people. Both of these girls were very talented and certainly deserved to move on to the final solo round. The round that was supposed to be 40, but was expanded to 42. I mean, come on guys, why not 44?

A little preview for next week, we have more blind auditions on The Voice, and Idol has the final solo round. I also imagine the top 24 will be announced on Thursday, with the “100 mile aisle walk of doom” wherein the contestants must walk down the insanely long walkway to await their fate.

Wow, I am a rhyming MACHINE today!

And if you like New York and Broadway, and like everything about Glee except for the fact that they are in HS, you will seriously love Smash. I wish I could say someone paid me to say that, but no…I am actually a huge nerd and love it. So watch.