It’s So Hard…To Say Goodbye…To Yesterday…


Hello faithful idolreview readers!  While American Idol may be over, this blog is remaining up and online for posterity.  And also, in the hopes that one day this show will be revived (hopefully with Simon).  In the meantime, follow me on twitter or instagram.  Happy reading!

It’s a Jolley night for an elimination

On a night with two memorable alumni performances, it just further emphasizes Paul's downward spiral and it would be doubtful at best to see him in a career outside the Idol bubble. Not that we savvy idol viewers ever thought that, but perhaps Nicki needed a dose of reality. But lets back up a little.

Tonight we get to see a glimpse of behind the scenes Jimmy, acting like a total douche. But while he may be a douche, he is a correct douche. All of the reviews he gave of last night's performances were spot on. Although calling Lazaro a flat out liar may have crossed the line–I mean the kid may not be a great singer, but he is just a scared kid on a reality TV show. Go easy on him, Jimmy. I especially want to commend Jimmy for his spot-on review of Angie. Last night's performance was too broadway, and I didn't see that note from the judges or anywhere on the interwebs, either. It can be corrected, but needs to be addressed asap.

So alumni performances? Casey Abrams is better than any of the guys in the top 10. I was always a marginal Casey fan, but in comparison to these male idol contestants, he is a phenom! Loved his performance.

When I heard Jessica would be on, I was hopeful for a Jessica/Candice reunion moment on camera! But alas, there was no time to do the weekly ranking, not to mention have a meetup stage left. Maybe they can duet in the finale? A girl can hope. The thing about her single is I know this is the type of music that gets radio play, but she is so much better vocally than that song. At least she can dance, so the whole dance track thing works for her.

But lets talk about the reason we actually tuned in tonight: the killings. Paul leaves on a jetplane tonight, and while he was somewhat deserving of another week (It was Lazaro's turn for the boot, clearly), I am not at all shocked he went home.

But the other members of the bottom two were awful for me. Amber? really? Devin? He is the best guy left. I know the wonders of Candice and Kree might water down the fan base for Ms. Holcomb, but get on the Amber train, people! She sings through smoke machine malfunctions! Girl needs a BREAK. OUT. PERFORMANCE. stat. With Motown week next week, she has the potential for greatness. She needs to pick out an unexpected song with an Amber twist. I know this can happen–you've got this, Amber!

So is anyone out there that was shocked about Paul's departure? Please identify yourselves in the comments.


Results Show: J Lo Pimpage Edition

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be the least surprising results show in a while.  First place is essentially wrapped up (Enter: white boy with guitar.)  Fourth place is wrapped up (Enter: not-well-defined white girl with big voice.)  So I am pretty much looking forward to next week which will determine who will sing  along side Phillip in the finale.

Uncle Nigel clearly decided to embrace the major voting demographic of this show by bringing throngs of teenage girls clad in Forever 21 on stage as “paparazzi” (sans camera flashes) during the introductions.


California Dreamin by The Mamas and The Papas

The Forever 21 girls hung on stage during the appropriate group number for the remaining gender mix.  Unfortunately, the vocal was male dominant, and it was no surprise that Joshua carried the vocals.  Too bad the ladies couldn’t get more involved.


Feeling So Good by Jennifer Lopez

On par with the goal of extra J Lo pimping, the Ford commercial soundtrack (featuring a new electric vehicle?) was a J Lo number.  I quite enjoyed the little “making of” video before the actual video, and would love to see more behind the scenes videos like this in the future.  Also, did anyone else notice Phillip’s absence?  Maybe he and Jimmy are already working on his coronation song.

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Results Show: Do or Die Edition

**Sorry for my lack of screenshots tonight–my software is a bit out of sorts**

No more saves!  Tonight, America really decides who goes home.   I wonder if it will be a shocker!


Dancing In The Streets by Martha and the Vandellas
Waaay better than last week.  I love the addition of dancers and musicians on stage!  Although the balloons seemed a bit premature – don’t we normally save that celebration for the Nokia?  In the words of Randy, the group songs are back tonight!  They’re back, baby, they’re back!


‘Astronomy Turned Astrology’ should be the title of this one.  Not a very enlightening commercial, but I learned Jessica is a fellow Gemini.


BFFs Joshua and Hollie are up first.  Jimmy likes Joshua for the finale. He thinks Hollie took a giant step this week but still has a long road ahead. Joshua is safe, Hollie heads to the stools of doom.


The Vision Of Love by Kris Allen 
Aw I love Kris so much.  And during season 8 I can’t say I was always on the Kris bandwagon, but he won me over!  This was a nice performance, and the song seemed catchy enough.  Not too sure if I loved the rotating piano though.


Skylar and Elise are up next.  Jimmy thinks Elise will be bottom three because of her song choice, and he thinks Skylar is the best performer in the competition.  Per usual, Elise heads to her vacation home in the bottom 3, and Skylar is safe.


Sorry For Partyrocking by LMFAO 

The sound went out so many times during their performance I thought I was watching Springer.  And while I enjoy some LMFAO, This song was pretty obnoxious.


Phillip, Colton, and Jessica are up last Jimmy likes Phillip, thought Colton was horrible last night, and thinks Jessica needs to pick younger songs. Jessica and Phillip are safe, and Colton is in the bottom 3.

Ryan sends Elise back to the couches, leaving Hollie and Colton.  And Colton ends up getting the boot.


I am sad to see him go, but it is true, he did have an off night. His sing out didn’t do him any favors in terms of solidifying his record deal either – he sounded like crap tonight.

But in an amazing advancement for the ladies, Hollie and Elise squeeze out another week. Go girl power!  For those of you keeping track at home, the girls outnumber the guys 2:1.  Pretty good odds to get to that finale, huh?

So, are you surprised at the result?  Happy you won’t have to hear Colton’s nasaly voice anymore (and happy to stop hearing me cheer him on?)  Let me know, of course.

Top 7 Results — with Two Alumni Performances!

Apparently it is going to be a “huge shocker” according to TMZ–they say that it is a producer favorite with the lowest number of votes.  My guess is Joshua or Jessica.



Raise Your Glass by P!nk 
You guys know I love cheesy group songs but this was way over the top even for me.  It was awkward, Phillip was stroking Colton’s hair, it looked very messy and unrehearsed with really bad “step touch” moves.  Ryan’s photo bomb at the end really was the frosting on the cake of this horrid performance.  Take it back, please.

Ford Commercial


Great Escape
I was suckered in by the graphics, but did anyone notice they didn’t actually film a commercial…it was all video gymnastics accompanied by the contestants singing in unison.  Guess they’ve been spending too much time with Tommy Hilfiger and can’t commit time to their Ford Commercial.


Jessica and Hollie are up first.  Jimmy is a fan of Jessica but not a fan of Hollie.  Hollie is in group 1, Jessica is in group 2.  Someone’s getting Huffed tonight!!

Another Results Show, This Time with Boy Bands and Pickles

First order of business: Jacob may faint at any moment.  Please surround him with pillows to cushion the potential fall.  Good thing there is no group song tonight, huh?

We also get a preview of JLo’s new video wherein she is covered with shiny powder.  Saucy.




I’m gonna be honest with you – I fast forwarded through the commercial.  But from the perspective of 3x fast forward it looked like it garnered a half-smile rating.  Nothing to write home about.


Jessica and Joshua are up first.  Jimmy liked Joshua, but he thought Jessica’s song was too small for her (this rarely happens on idol!)  Both are safe.



Glad You Came by The Wanted

Love the song, love the boys, but am I the only one who thought they gave a pitchy performance?  It looks like they put on a good show, though.


Skylar and Colton are up.  Jimmy loved Skylar, but he thought Colton was 3rd or 4th last night.  I would take that as a compliment, but Jimmy meant it as a dig, apparently.  Next, Hollie and Deandre are called to center stage.  Jimmy didn’t think either one of them was great last night, and he thinks they will both be in the bottom group. Deandre is in the bottom 3. Colton is safe. Skylar is safe. And Hollie is bottom 3.  The notorious Jimmy strikes again!



Where is Tammy Wynette by Kellie Pickler
I remember the days when Kellie was on the show, and I used to despise her because I felt she was an inferior Carrie Underwood wannabe.  But 6 years later I don’t feel so much bitterness!  She is cute, she’s grown up a lot, and this maturity shows on stage in her performances.  The song is a little too over the top with the country twang, but I’m sure it appeals to her fans.


Elise and Phillip are the last duo to arrive center stage.  Jimmy thought both of them weren’t their best last night.  I think Phillip deserved a trip to the bottom.  But alas, it is Elise that takes the journey to the stools of doom.

Before the break, Hollie is sent back to the couches, leaving Elise and Deandre.  After the break we find out Deandre has the lowest number of votes and must sing for his life.  Then for his “Save Me” song he chooses his worst song choice of the competition!  Bad form, Deandre.  Dude bops around the stage like an exploding toy.  Despite Jen’s vote to save him, Deandre is not saved.


I am not certain, but I feel this is the first time in several seasons where the ladies outnumber the guys at this point in the competition.  However, I think this is definitely short-lived.

There is pretty much a 75% chance Hollie is headed home next week, unless she can pull a rabbit out of her hat.  And Elise has to work harder than any other contestant at this point because she doesn’t appear to have a strong fan base to coast her through her bad weeks.  I thought she might pick up some momentum after Erika left, but not so much yet.  I hope after these two ladies in the pecking order, Phillip is right after them.  For me, his performances have been on the decline, and without a total surprise to garner some new interest in him, I think he might be looking at the bottom three coming up in the next few weeks.

So, did the right person go home?

Results Show: A Little Country, A Little Minaj Edition

First, Aerosmith is going on tour.  Also, I will never understand Steven’s obsession with blouses.  The Idols received tweets from their idols, except Deandre didn’t get a tweet, he got the person – a visit from Eric Benet.  Deandre was kind of star struck.


So in a likely effort to actually keep people from fast forwarding through the Ford commercial, there is now a secret medallion hidden with the commercial and people can win prizes by finding it.  Maybe you should just make the commercials more exciting…


Elise, Phillip, and Hollie are up first.  Jimmy loved Elise, and spilled the beans on 80s night next week.  Jimmy also was a big fan of Phillip.  However, he thinks Hollie lacks the soul and emotional maturity of the other singers.  Hollie (as predicted) makes her first appearance in the bottom 3.  Elise and Phillip are safe.


Starship by Nicki Minaj
Um, seriously, I was scared for her and the potential wardrobe malfunction.  And she wanted to take J Lo’s place behind the judges table.  Hey Nicki, I hear that X Factor is hiring.  Please send your resume to Simon Cowell.


Colton, Joshua, and Heejun are up next.  Jimmy wasn’t a fan of Colton last night.  He thought he was too emotional.  With Joshua he had the same comment about being too emotional.  And with Heejun, Jimmy agrees with me, saying that Heejun just isn’t as good of a singer as the other eight.   Heejun is in the bottom 3, while Colton and Joshua are safe.


Watertower Town by Scotty McCreery
Typical Scotty.  As on the show last season, there were no surprises with this performance.  I have to give him props for going platinum, though.  I guess he has a crazy fan base!


Skylar, Deandre, and Jessica are up last.  Jimmy didn’t like the song for Skylar, but he likes her.  He also feels Deandre is polarizing and could be in trouble.  However, he is extremely on board with Jessica, and all but endorsed her for the winner.  Jessica is safe.  Deandre is safe.  And Skylar is bottom 3.  She can’t even get in the chair!  Aw…
After the break, Skylar is sent back to safety, leaving Hollie and Heejun.  But Heejun gets the boot. Well, it was basically a week overdue on this one.  And the judges to not use their save.  I’m pretty sure the only thing the judges discuss at the table is who is going to give the bad news…


I am actually quite pleased with these results.  I would have expected a bounce back in votes since this week was such an improvement over last week.  But it was far past his time to exit, and I’m glad he didn’t stick around at the expense of one of these young ladies who both have bigger vocal chops than Heejun ever will.  
I think Skylar just had an off week and she will bounce back, but Hollie needs to use this bottom 3 warning and figure out who the heck she is…and quick.  But honestly?  I don’t know if there is time to do that.  My gut tells me she and Deandre will be the next two heading home…