Motown Throwdown

Detroit Rock City tribute tonight. I was personally a bit disappointed to get no Eminem or Kid Rock, but I will take a Motown night anytime. It invokes memories of Idol seasons of yore. (Oh Kelly, it has been so long!)

It was another night of the girls killing the boys, and if there is any justice left in the idolverse, Miss Amber Holcomb will live to see another week, and either Burnell and his tighty whitey suit or Lazaro and his poor enunciation will be hitting the road. And though Devin may be increasingly boring me, his vocal chops earn him at least one more week.

Angie was off her game tonight, but will hopefully get back on track next week. But the other ladies? All killed it. I was especially impressed with Janelle–her arrangement was fantastic. Stay tuned for my full recap in the morning, but in the meantime, what did you think? Who will get the boot tomorrow? And shall we hope for an Eminem group ditty? (I kid, I kid.)


Come Together with Some Help From My Friends (Beatles Week!)

Burnell has never heard Let It Be? (Crazy!) Candice attempts to find deeper meaning in ju-ju eyeballs? (Spoiler: Unsuccessful.) The girls outsing the boys? (Obvs.) All in a night’s work on Idol Beatles week.  Here’s how it went down:

1. Kree Harrison

top9_kreeA Little Help From My Friends 

Loving this song for her! I hoped for a little more crazy on those big solo notes (a la Joe Cocker), but it was arranged well, the tempo was great for her, and per usual, her vocal was right on the money.


2. Burnell Taylor

top9_burnellLet It Be

Like, who over the age of five does not know this song? It was a competent vocal, but I felt no emotion from the performance.


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Lights! Camera! Um, Jason DeRulo?

Let’s go over how refreshing it is to have a ONE! HOUR! PERFORMANCE! SHOW!  I hardly know what to do with my evening!  (Perhaps call my Dad for his birthday…Happy Birthday, Dad!)  Hopefully there will be some memorable and fantastic performances coming up.


I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston 

Very pretty, solid performance.  Poor girl had to tackle those stairs clad in her stilettos twice – once in the intro, and once in the song.  Kind of cruel, huh?  She did seem a bit nervous, and I wasn’t feeling any heart in this performance.  Here’s hoping things look up the next two rounds.



Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Proficient, but not anywhere near epic.  He needed something bigger and badder than this.  At least we learned that Simon Fuller sucks at song picking.


A Three-fer

Tonight is “threes” night.  Three contestants, three songs, three judges.  The judges get to pick round one, the contestants chose their own fate in round two, and Jimmy picks round three.


I’d Rather Be Blind by Etta James 

Randy chose this song for him which was an excellent fit.  He appeared to show more control than we have seen in recent weeks, where he just ripped the head off the songs in a down and dirty way.  The control and phrasing were done like a pro, and save for a few sharp notes, the pitch was great, as well.  He is off to a great start!



My All by Mariah Carey 

Weeeellll…I was not a fan of her on this song at all.  The song never peaked, it sounded too challenging for her, especially in a week of learning three songs and hometown visits.  I don’t fault her, because she gave it her best go.  (I mean honestly, J. Lo, I’d love to hear your best shot at this one…)