It’s So Hard…To Say Goodbye…To Yesterday…


Hello faithful idolreview readers!  While American Idol may be over, this blog is remaining up and online for posterity.  And also, in the hopes that one day this show will be revived (hopefully with Simon).  In the meantime, follow me on twitter or instagram.  Happy reading!

AI Alum Awesomeness

How's that for some alliteration?

So as I was typing up a little Audition Recap/Hollywood Week Preview post, I got a little distracted by this awesomeness:

Whatup Season 3 dueting with Season 5! This totally made my night. And in case you have been living under a rock, this is on Smash on NBC. Seriously, people, the best show on tv–program your DVRs accordingly.

In the meantime, know I am combing through the auditions and thoroughly looking forward to my favorite week of the Idol season: Hollywood Week! Unnecessary drama, sleep deprivation, and awkward group songs…bring it on.


TRIOS NIGHT with Stevie Nicks (Top 9)

Ah, the requisite Idols Sing Their Idols week.  These themes are getting as predictable as Randy Jackson’s vocabulary.  But several exciting items of note: Jordin Sparks is in the hizz, Stevie Nicks is helping out Jimmy this week, and there are TRIOS!  TRIOS, PEOPLE!  Super excited.  Lets get on with it.


by Lifehouse

Last week I loved Colton (an opinion for which I received much flack!).  This week, despite the judges praise, I thought the performance was kind of bland.  That song isn’t a favorite of mine to begin with, but the performance just didn’t really go anywhere.  It wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t memorable.


2. Skylar LAINE

Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

Another average performance from her.  At this point in the competition she needs to step out of her country roots and stretch herself into a more unpredictable performance.  (Please see Carrie’s performance of Alone or Love is A Battlefield).  This performance was just a status quo for Skylar.



Results Show

The first thing Ryan mentions again is that Jermaine was forced to be eliminated.  They are really milking this thing, huh?  Another “big” announcement…Tommy Hilfiger is the new image consultant for Idol.  Maybe he can get Erika out of the prom dress madness.

Ford Commercial

Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns
Per usual, super lame.  The Idols walked around in a haunted house, and all of them looked like pretty bad actors.  Not that this is really their fault…they probably had no direction on what they were doing.


Phillip, Skylar, Elise, and Joshua are up first.  They get their recap.  Jimmy liked Phillip and is rooting for him.  Jimmy thinks Skylar could have been better because she has enormous potential.  For Elise, Jimmy loved her, too!  He thinks she is going to be around for the long haul.  And Joshua has many fans including Jimmy and Percy Sledge.  Phillip and Joshua are both safe.  Skylar also gets sent to the “tour stools” and Elise is sent to the bottom 3. Obviously undeserved.

Results Show, “JLo Almost Has a Nip Slip” Edition.

The first elimination night, and it will prove to be dramatic.  Someone has to be the first to go.  After the video intro package we jump right into the…



As by Stevie Wonder

There were many pluses to this group song, not the least of which is the prevalence of live singing and the lack of any lip syncing.  Yay Nigel!  There was choreography and good vocals.  Generally the problem with group songs at this stage of the competition is the whole thing is a little manic, trying to feature all the contestants.  This was organized and everyone hit their mark.  Nice work guys!  Next up?


The always requisite and generally lame Ford commercial was to Big Time by Peter Gabriel.  Nothing to write home about, per usual.

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Girls Semi Finals: The Ladies Answer Back!

Tonight we get to hear from the ladies.  My expectations are high, and they need to be to get a female winner on this show.

1. Chelsea Sorrell

Cowboy Cassanova by Carrie Underwood 

She is alright, but the song was a bit big for her.  She also fell flat a few times throughout he song.  She has potential, and she has a good country voice, but I don’t know if it was good enough to fly past tonight.



2. Erika Van Pelt

What About Love by Heart 

Good Song!  Her voice is deep and sultry, but her on stage entertainment factor was a bit lacking.  I thought she was just sauntering around the stage a bit, and there wasn’t any huge climax.  But I would looove to see her again.


3. Jen Hirsh

One and Only by Adele 

This girl is sooo Kat McPhee it is not even funny.  Which is a good thing considering McPhee’s recent resurgence.  I was looking forward to her the most of all the girls, and it was a little underwhelming for me.  Not that it wasn’t a good performance, but my expectations were very high.  I hope we will see her again.  Even if she isn’t top 5, I think she will be a wildcard pick.


4. Brielle Von Hugel

The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding 

I want to hate her because her personality is so obnoxious.  But this was a halfway decent performance.  I thought it was way too typical for her to start by sitting among the boys on the stage.  But I actually like her voice and her stage presence.  A strong, on key vocal.


5. Hallie Day

Feelin Good by Michael Buble 

I wasn’t feeling this performance.  There were some off-key moments where she pushed a little too much.  She is ok, but maybe requires a little more polish for this show.  Meh, it was just ok.


6. Skylar Laine

Stay With Me by Faces 

Love Love Love.  She is such an entertainer.  This is what Lauren Alaina always wanted to be and never could.  I am a huge fan already. This was such an exciting rocking performance.  She is very Reba.  Love her.


7. Baylie Brown

Amazed by Lonestar 

She kind of blew this whole thing.  Bad, overdone song choice.  Off key start.  Yikes.  I feel bad, because I’m sure she is not typically this off.  But even if she was spot on pitch, I would still knock her song choice.  Pick something that hasn’t been done 100 times on this show before.


8. Hollie Cavanaugh

Reflection by Xtina Aguilera 

I can’t get over her accent!  Fortunately it doesn’t come out in her singing.  Which was fabulous, by the way.  I remember her being awesome from last year.  And then she got zero screen time up until now.  But wow…she made an impression tonight.  Huge voice, perfect pitch.  Holy crappers!  She was amazing.  I can’t wait to see her again.


9. Haley johnsen

Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics 

This performance was pretty much a hot mess.  I felt like she was off pitch, I didn’t like this dark vibe she had.  The arrangement was bad, she was yelling and straining her voice trying to do runs she had no business doing.  Not a fan.  And I don’t think the voting audience will be either.


10. Shannon Magrane

 Go Light Your World by Kathy Triccoli 

The whole thing was a little too beauty pageant for me.  The dress, the bad ballad.  Bleh.  The whole thing was way too old for her and unexciting for a 16-year-old to be performing.  Technically proficient, but just kind of off.


11. Jessica Sanchez

Love You I Do by Jennifer Husdon 

This tiny little girl has one huge voice!  I would not expect that to come out of her.  She has great control and great stage presence, too.  I worry that she doesn’t quite have the emotional connection, but maybe she can grow into that.  I think she will be top 13.


12. Elise Testone

One and Only by Adele 

The second time we’ve heard this Adele song tonight.  But Elise gets the pimp spot over Jen Hirsh.  But I have to admit, I liked Jen’s version better.  But she gets points for recycling her room service flowers.

My top three favorites should come as no surprise:  Jessica, Skylar, and Hollie.  Then add in Jen Hirsh and maybe Erika?  or Elise?  But let me say this now…the girls are way stronger than the guys.  Although that was the case last year, and we didn’t get a female winner out of that.  But maybe one of these girls can slay the dragon.   

Top 24 Season 11

Here you go…the full list!

The Guys (in no particular order):

  1. Adam Brock
  2. Jeremy Rosado
  3. Chase Likens
  4. Aaron Marcellus
  5. Deandre Brackensick
  6. Eben Franckewitz
  7. Creighton Fraker
  8. Joshua Ledet
  9. Reed Grimm
  10. Heejun Han
  11. Phillip Phillips
  12. Colton Dixon
  13. One more guy from the following list: David Leathers, Richie Law, Johnny Keyser, Jermaine Jones.
The Ladies (in no particular order):
  1. Brielle Von Hugel
  2. Jessica Sanchez
  3. Baylie Brown
  4. Chelsea Sorrell
  5. Erika Van Pelt
  6. Elise Testone
  7. Haley Johnsen
  8. Jen Hirsh
  9. Hollie Cavanaugh
  10. Skylar Laine
  11. Shannon Magrane
  12. Hallie Day
I wonder if the ladies will receive a surprise 13th contestant, as well?  If so, I hope it is Schyler Dixon or Gabi Carubba!  I miss you girls already!