Idols sing the Idols.

Tonight’s new and creative theme? Songs of The Idols, aka, our song clearing staff went on spring break.  Here’s how it went down:

1. Curtis Finch

curtis_tenI Believe
by Fantasia

Oh geez. I’ve said it before and I say it again–I hated all of it. He cannot do Fantasia.  This performance was set up for failure from the beginning.  Where is Nicki to tell him how it really is?


2. Janelle Arthur

janelle_tenGone by Montgomery Gentry

Snooooooze. The whole thing was so boring.  The tone, the tempo, the arrangement.  That song is high energy, and I don’t exactly see Janelle as high energy.  She might be in trouble tomorrow.


How did I spend my post-Idol evening?

Watching this. On repeat.

The best Vegas Trio from Idol 11 reprising their famous Vegas Performance. I guess they snuck Candice backstage during last summer's Idol tour. Maybe this summer she can sneak Jessica and Deandre backstage to do this again. Love.


Top 10 Revealed! (Season 12)

The top 10 are revealed! The finalists! The tour! All in one night! All of this cray cray and Zoanette wasn’t even involved.

Let me begin with a little about the format. I have ALWAYS wanted the results shows to focus more on the contestants than captainrandomsinger that is promoting their new album. So in theory, tonight Nigel gave me everything I ever wanted. I just didn’t realize how much work that would mean for me!! I thought I could relax and watch the show tonight, but noooooo, I was writing ten performance recaps!! Here are your finalists and reviews on their victory songs:

1. Paul Jolley

top20resultspaulAlone by Heart

Really? the Underwood-Iraheta sacredness of Alone? How dare you.  Not that impressed.


2. Burnell Taylor

top20resultsburnellReady for Love by india.arie

I loved him singing this song way better than last night’s performance. But still with the paisley shirt? Stylist, stat.


Let’s Hear It For The Boy[s]

Well mark this as the night I totally disagreed with the judges. (This season, anyway.)  I am infinitely annoyed.  Nicki, my little ladybug, how come you stopped agreeing with me?!?  Anyway, here’s how it went down:

1. Elijah Liu

top20elijahStay by Rihanna

The small pitch problems here and there notwithstanding, it was a great song choice and a great vibe. He’s got that commercial thing going!  He could have his face on blankets and the cover of Teen Beat!  Scoop that up, Idol.


2. Cortez Shaw

top20cortezLocked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Great props for choosing an upbeat song! I like the vocal styling  too. However, this song didn’t show off his range like it did last week. That said, he is very commercial like Elijah–I’m rooting for him!


Get it, Girls!

**Because I fear that this will be my last week to post an original Zoanette screenshot, I need to take advantage while I can. **

Tonight’s episode of idol went from cray cray to crazy amazeballs. Did Nigel really have that little faith in the American Idol voting public that he needed to stack all of the ringers in Act II? Its like smacking you over the head with a cast iron pot saying “YOU WILL REMEMBER CANDICE.” Um Candice didn’t need the favor. I will remember her anytime, anywhere.  Here’s how it went down:

1. ZOanette Johnson

top20zoanetteWhat’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner

Her fashion may be sharp but so is her pitch. Do not get me wrong–I lurves me some Zoanette. I mean seriously–get it girl! But this was really the wrong song for her crazy theatrics and the vocal was plain bad. I really don’t know if she could top what she did last week. (cray to the cray!)


2. Breanna Steer

top20breannaFlaws & All by Beyonce

I liked the song but didn’t love the arrangement–it never really went anywhere. Maybe she needed a grab-the-mic-off-the-stand moment? Or just move somewhere? The vocal was pretty solid, though.


Last Sudden Deaths: Boys Part 2

** This blog might just begin to feature crazy pictures of Zoanette. Don’t judge me for loving the crazy.**

So the last of the boys are up, and lets just say I was not overly impressed. With such a lackluster performance show, you can’t blame me for being more intrigued by Zoanette’s audience fodder over the performances. Here’s how it went down:

1. Mathenee Treco

matheneeLittle Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

I guess it was ok, but I was not impressed.  There was something off—the arrangement? Pushing his range too far?  Just the wrong song?  In the words of Simon “I wasn’t jumping out the chair.”


2. Gupreet Singh Sarin

gupreetNothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison

He is so stylin’ and I love his tone of voice.  I wasn’t thrilled by the song choice, but I didn’t hate it as much as the judges did.


Sudden Death: Ladies Part 2

On the second night of lady sudden death, the competition was fierce! In comparison to last week where the eliminations were pretty clear-cut, I was shocked to see so much talent go home.  Here’s how it went down…

1. Melinda Ademi

melindaNobody’s Perfect by Jessie J

Meh, I really want to like her, but I don’t think she has a great voice.  She has the stage presence of a good entertainer, though.  Her main issue?  Following a superior performance of the same song from last week – it really pales in comparison.


2. Candice Glover

candiceNatural Woman by Aretha Franklin

O.M.G. Love. This. Girl. I declare her winner.  I cannot WAIT to see what else she performs this season.  Looking forward to everyone else getting schooled with her master class in singing.