How did I spend my post-Idol evening?

Watching this. On repeat.

The best Vegas Trio from Idol 11 reprising their famous Vegas Performance. I guess they snuck Candice backstage during last summer's Idol tour. Maybe this summer she can sneak Jessica and Deandre backstage to do this again. Love.


Lights! Camera! Um, Jason DeRulo?

Let’s go over how refreshing it is to have a ONE! HOUR! PERFORMANCE! SHOW!  I hardly know what to do with my evening!  (Perhaps call my Dad for his birthday…Happy Birthday, Dad!)  Hopefully there will be some memorable and fantastic performances coming up.


I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston 

Very pretty, solid performance.  Poor girl had to tackle those stairs clad in her stilettos twice – once in the intro, and once in the song.  Kind of cruel, huh?  She did seem a bit nervous, and I wasn’t feeling any heart in this performance.  Here’s hoping things look up the next two rounds.



Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Proficient, but not anywhere near epic.  He needed something bigger and badder than this.  At least we learned that Simon Fuller sucks at song picking.


A Three-fer

Tonight is “threes” night.  Three contestants, three songs, three judges.  The judges get to pick round one, the contestants chose their own fate in round two, and Jimmy picks round three.


I’d Rather Be Blind by Etta James 

Randy chose this song for him which was an excellent fit.  He appeared to show more control than we have seen in recent weeks, where he just ripped the head off the songs in a down and dirty way.  The control and phrasing were done like a pro, and save for a few sharp notes, the pitch was great, as well.  He is off to a great start!



My All by Mariah Carey 

Weeeellll…I was not a fan of her on this song at all.  The song never peaked, it sounded too challenging for her, especially in a week of learning three songs and hometown visits.  I don’t fault her, because she gave it her best go.  (I mean honestly, J. Lo, I’d love to hear your best shot at this one…)


Results Show: J Lo Pimpage Edition

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be the least surprising results show in a while.  First place is essentially wrapped up (Enter: white boy with guitar.)  Fourth place is wrapped up (Enter: not-well-defined white girl with big voice.)  So I am pretty much looking forward to next week which will determine who will sing  along side Phillip in the finale.

Uncle Nigel clearly decided to embrace the major voting demographic of this show by bringing throngs of teenage girls clad in Forever 21 on stage as “paparazzi” (sans camera flashes) during the introductions.


California Dreamin by The Mamas and The Papas

The Forever 21 girls hung on stage during the appropriate group number for the remaining gender mix.  Unfortunately, the vocal was male dominant, and it was no surprise that Joshua carried the vocals.  Too bad the ladies couldn’t get more involved.


Feeling So Good by Jennifer Lopez

On par with the goal of extra J Lo pimping, the Ford commercial soundtrack (featuring a new electric vehicle?) was a J Lo number.  I quite enjoyed the little “making of” video before the actual video, and would love to see more behind the scenes videos like this in the future.  Also, did anyone else notice Phillip’s absence?  Maybe he and Jimmy are already working on his coronation song.

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California Dreamin’ (Top 4)

After Miss Skylar’s untimely ouster last week, each of these kids needs to prove they deserve to be here.

Tonight’s theme is California and Songs You Wish You’d Written.  Didn’t they already do inspirational songs week.  Running out of themes, Uncle Nigel?


Have You Ever Seen The Rain by CCR 

Two weeks in a row Idol rocks the CCR.  For Phillip, he seems so awkward without his guitar.  I can’t imagine he would ever perform without it in the real world.  I’m glad he mentioned in his video package that Time of the Season was a rough go last week.  This was much better than that, even though it was kind of awkward.



Faithfully by Journey 

I really wanted to like this song for her, but she didn’t show any range and her runs are way too calculated.  She needed to (in the words of Randy Jackson) SLAY it.  And I don’t think this song did it for her.  Technically proficient (per usual), but not her moment.


Top 5 Performances: Daffodils and Crustaceans

Tonight is essentially a throwback night.  Round 1 is the 60s then round two is Brit Pop.  Which considering that British Invasion happened in the 60s there will be some serious overlap.  Mentors?  Steven Van Zandt, aka Little Stevie from the E Street Band.  Rockin!


River Deep Mountain High
by Tina Turner 

This was the most fun we’ve seen her have on this stage.  It may not have been as good as my beloved Glee version with Santana and Mercedes, but I agree with JLo that it was great to see her lead a production and have the stage presence to handle a song like that.  She’s making progress!



The Letter by The Boxtops 

Whelp, this was absolutely not my favorite version of this song.  I am also annoyed that he said “she done wrote me a letter.”  It just lost any of the hook the song was supposed to have.  I will not be humming this one tomorrow.  Meh. (Also, how does JLo not know “The Letter”??)


A Killer [Queen] Top 6

We kick off the night with a Wednesday night medley!  A Queen medley with Roger Taylor and Brian May … Sah-weet!  This was pretty awesome and definitely one of my fave medleys of the season.


Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen 

I’m not gonna lie, I loved her voice on that song!  She sang the crap out of it, and had complete control the entire time.  Many have attempted that song on idol, and I would venture to say she is one of the best (if not, THE best.)  Maybe she needs to rock out more often.



The Show Must Go On by Queen 

Finally some non-twang from this girl!  This was a great, belty powerhouse performance, and I loved that she went up there and put everything on the table.  It showed some versatility, and that she is truly equal parts rock and country.  There were a few weird notes at the bottom of her range that weren’t on point, but it was not bothersome for me to complain about it.