You are visiting idolreview.net, written by me, Laura, a self-professed American Idol stalker.  Since the show ended, this site has been a bit dormant, but don’t worry, I still check in from time to time and hope for a revival one day.   Maybe with Simon? A girl can dream.  Until the revival, please peruse the archives.

This blog has brought you mostly objective commentary, with a little news, and gossip about American Idol and Idol alumni. The site started in February 2005 and expanded to cover X Factor and The Voice for a hot minute.  Because seriously, who can get enough of these stupid singing reality shows?

I write this blog from Hollywood, which sounds glamorous, until I add an FL after it, rather than a CA.  I enjoy stalking the show, and I try to attend any Floridian Idol alumni appearances.  I have been to four concert tours (like this one), three auditions ( like this one, but more to stalk than to actually audition), two top-three homecomings (Vonzell and Syesha), and two tapings, including the Season 7 finale.  I also had the privilege of attending the  media premiere of the American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World wherein I pretended to be a journalist.  A few days later I “auditioned” for the attraction and got to sing glorified karaoke in front of 1,000 people.  It was a riot, actually!

I am a walking reference book of Idol statistics and coincidences.  I always love to compare contestants from different seasons and would always die to see a quality, non-lip-synced group medley during the results show.  Also, I tend to agree with Simon Cowell what Simon would have said.