Three Sing Three

Tonight the A team got up to sing for their lives. These ladies are all stars, but tonight I didn't feel any all-star performances. Emotion? Yes. Vocals? Yes. But none of them made me pick up my remote and rewind (except for maybe when Randy gave himself kudos, because really, there are no words.)

My biggest problem with many of the performances tonight were the arrangements. I know top three week is probably all a little last minute–after spending two days at the hometown visits, they have to come back and learn three songs in three days. Since none of the songs were chosen by the contestants themselves, it is difficult to forge a personal connection, and that was pretty evident.

Kree seemed the most disconnected from tonight's performances. I liked her on the upbeat The Band Perry song, which was my favorite of the Kree Three (ha, I crack myself up), but even with that one, I think she holds back her emotion a little too much. She has her guard up. She has had a tough life, and has an enormous amount of life experience to tap into, but she needs to attend the Fantasia school of emotional performances to connect her real life with the stage. Overall she was the weakest of the night.

Candice's vocals are master. effing. class. I mean, she has never ever hit a bum note. And even when her runs aren't up to her perfectionist standards, she is still amazing. My biggest problem with Candice tonight were all of the bombastic production arrangements–totally unnecessary and quite honestly, unoriginal. It makes me sad to see that this is what the idol production puts together when left to their own devices.

For Angie, this was one of her best nights overall. Her growth as an artist is undeniable–she has lost *almost* all of the pageant-y-ness about her and while I didn't love all of her vocal choices and song arrangements, at least I believed her.

I'm pretty sure it will be Candice and Angie in the finals, and Angie will take home the crown (even though next week I will probably be voting my fingers of for Candice…she along with Jessica Sanchez are the two best vocalists this show has seen in years.)

So, who did you like tonight? Who is heading home tomorrow? And really, can't we just vote Randy off instead?


One thought on “Three Sing Three

  1. daffodilofoz

    Where do I leave a comment about American Idol .. I have watched it from the time it started I quit. Dont get it.. the couple is completely ridiculous and can not sing and restless road is stupid, Simon Cowell you are using your name to win and these people are not XFactor material and oh… when did it become Mexican Idol… Sing Engilsh.! good singer but not American Idol .. we give them our jobs to wet backs and now a person might Win singing Spanish I quit watching as of tonight


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