Top Six: All That Glitters is Gold

I am still recovering from watching the last performance on repeat. Really, because I could have just watched two hours of that. Oh Candice, you pull a schooling out of your back pocket and show everyone why you came to win. (Mariah also pulled glitter out of her back pocket. Does she travel with handfuls of glitter? Just wondering.) In the words of Ms. Minaj, #werk.

And then, at the complete other end of the spectrum, there was Lazaro. Oh boy. In the words of Peter Griffin, “That happened. And we let it happen.” You know Nigel loves putting out a good sob story (Danny Gokey, exhibit, A). And it has clearly run away with itself, per usual. I called this from top 20 night, and the situation has deteriorated. Dude is clearly the worst, and what's worse is he will not go home tomorrow.

Now that we've touched on the best and worst of the top six, lets talk about the mid-field contestants. Kree is solid second place for me. Her vocals are consistently effortless, but she just lacks an edge of emotion on stage.

I put Amber in third place. Her vocals are flawless, too, although tonight her second performance was a bit shaky. She is very commercial, but lacks an emotional connection many times, as well.

In fourth place is Angie–the inconsistency ranks her below the rest. When she's up, she's up. When she's down, well, it's pretty bad. I don't think her vibe and the theme weeks get along well and she has song choice issues.

Finally, in an unfortunate fifth place is Janelle. It was obvious she was the weakest girl heading into the top ten–I still think Aubrey deserved that spot. And although Janelle has managed to have several outstanding performances, I'm not sure that has shifted her spot in the pack.

Unfortunately, because of America's obsession with Lazaro, I think Janelle will go home tomorrow. They may decide to use the save on her, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they saved the save for next week when one of the other four will inevitably get booted before Lazaro.

As always i *plan* to put up my full review up in the AM, but you know, day job priorities and such have been preventing that from happening the last few weeks.

Let me know what you thought about tonight's performances! Candice on repeat! Candice on repeat!


2 thoughts on “Top Six: All That Glitters is Gold

  1. Michele

    Judges so rude to Lazaro. They don’t have to like him but they acted like junior highers who want to shut someone out of the group. It looked like they all agreed to not clap even politely. Im very disappointed in all of them even Keith and I love him. Show the guy some common courtesy. Tell him how he did but the way the judges did it was kind of cruel.


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