I Wanna Rock! (Boom Boom).

Oh Nigel! Your futile attempts to quell the long-time idol watcher with never-before-done theme weeks is cute and all. I appreciate you trying to change it up. But for the sake of the integrity of the entire Rock and Roll genre, please never require Lazaro to sing Rock music ever again.

The thing about this idol season is there is no surprise. I could have written the review yesterday. Or just used the review i wrote last week and never posted because i am a lazy blogger. Candice and Kree were great! Amber and her legs were great! Lazaro was train wreckage. This lack of interest sort of makes me long for the days of crazy Sanjaya hair styles–at least I wondered what the hell he would do!

While I will post my full review tomorrow (I promise i will this week!) I will just say that Lazaro better be exiting stage left tomorrow. If Lazaro outlasts Burnell it will be a tragedy, and if one of the girls gets voted out, they will use the save. It is Lazaro's time–go out on a performance that is at least not your worst (It could only go up after last week!)

So, what did you think? Will Kree or Candice actually win this thing? Were you impressed by any of the performances this week? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Rock! (Boom Boom).

  1. Kappel

    I thought last night’s Burt Bacharach songs were ridiculous. Why does idol make these kids learn and sing 50 year old songs they’ll never sing again. Nothing relevant and fresh…Idol is wondering why they’re loosing viewership. They have Smokey Robinson songs, they have Beatles night…what gives?? I’m turning the channel…


  2. Kappel

    Oh, and Lazaro…the judges had a chance to get rid of him. They knew he didn’t have the vocals, but they gave him the sympathy vote and now it’s coming back to bite them. So now they have to drag him through the mud after every song, with harsh reviews…to try and sway Americas sympathy vote…I think kids are going to continue to vote for him until he’s embarrassingly in the top 3. Maybe that will show the judges they need to get serious when finalizing the top 10.


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