Motown Throwdown

Detroit Rock City tribute tonight. I was personally a bit disappointed to get no Eminem or Kid Rock, but I will take a Motown night anytime. It invokes memories of Idol seasons of yore. (Oh Kelly, it has been so long!)

It was another night of the girls killing the boys, and if there is any justice left in the idolverse, Miss Amber Holcomb will live to see another week, and either Burnell and his tighty whitey suit or Lazaro and his poor enunciation will be hitting the road. And though Devin may be increasingly boring me, his vocal chops earn him at least one more week.

Angie was off her game tonight, but will hopefully get back on track next week. But the other ladies? All killed it. I was especially impressed with Janelle–her arrangement was fantastic. Stay tuned for my full recap in the morning, but in the meantime, what did you think? Who will get the boot tomorrow? And shall we hope for an Eminem group ditty? (I kid, I kid.)


One thought on “Motown Throwdown

  1. Suz

    I can honestly say I have never been so annoyed by the programming by Ten, I timed it and it is 6 minutes of ads and 6 minutes of Idol. Over 15 ads in a break, give us a break Ten, no wonder ratings are down, back to pay TV for me


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