It’s a Jolley night for an elimination

On a night with two memorable alumni performances, it just further emphasizes Paul's downward spiral and it would be doubtful at best to see him in a career outside the Idol bubble. Not that we savvy idol viewers ever thought that, but perhaps Nicki needed a dose of reality. But lets back up a little.

Tonight we get to see a glimpse of behind the scenes Jimmy, acting like a total douche. But while he may be a douche, he is a correct douche. All of the reviews he gave of last night's performances were spot on. Although calling Lazaro a flat out liar may have crossed the line–I mean the kid may not be a great singer, but he is just a scared kid on a reality TV show. Go easy on him, Jimmy. I especially want to commend Jimmy for his spot-on review of Angie. Last night's performance was too broadway, and I didn't see that note from the judges or anywhere on the interwebs, either. It can be corrected, but needs to be addressed asap.

So alumni performances? Casey Abrams is better than any of the guys in the top 10. I was always a marginal Casey fan, but in comparison to these male idol contestants, he is a phenom! Loved his performance.

When I heard Jessica would be on, I was hopeful for a Jessica/Candice reunion moment on camera! But alas, there was no time to do the weekly ranking, not to mention have a meetup stage left. Maybe they can duet in the finale? A girl can hope. The thing about her single is I know this is the type of music that gets radio play, but she is so much better vocally than that song. At least she can dance, so the whole dance track thing works for her.

But lets talk about the reason we actually tuned in tonight: the killings. Paul leaves on a jetplane tonight, and while he was somewhat deserving of another week (It was Lazaro's turn for the boot, clearly), I am not at all shocked he went home.

But the other members of the bottom two were awful for me. Amber? really? Devin? He is the best guy left. I know the wonders of Candice and Kree might water down the fan base for Ms. Holcomb, but get on the Amber train, people! She sings through smoke machine malfunctions! Girl needs a BREAK. OUT. PERFORMANCE. stat. With Motown week next week, she has the potential for greatness. She needs to pick out an unexpected song with an Amber twist. I know this can happen–you've got this, Amber!

So is anyone out there that was shocked about Paul's departure? Please identify yourselves in the comments.


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