Idols sing the Idols.

Tonight’s new and creative theme? Songs of The Idols, aka, our song clearing staff went on spring break.  Here’s how it went down:

1. Curtis Finch

curtis_tenI Believe
by Fantasia

Oh geez. I’ve said it before and I say it again–I hated all of it. He cannot do Fantasia.  This performance was set up for failure from the beginning.  Where is Nicki to tell him how it really is?


2. Janelle Arthur

janelle_tenGone by Montgomery Gentry

Snooooooze. The whole thing was so boring.  The tone, the tempo, the arrangement.  That song is high energy, and I don’t exactly see Janelle as high energy.  She might be in trouble tomorrow.


3. Devin Velez

devin_tenTemporary Home by Carrie Underwood

The tone of his voice is fantastic — so clear, so crisp. The song really didn’t go anywhere, though. Maybe he could have done more with the arrangement?  more with the staging?  he looked a little lost on the big stage.


4. Angie Miller

angie_tenI Surrender by Celine Dion

It was good. I wish she would have stopped comparing herself to Kelly because the entire time watching her performance I was thinking “idk if that was as good as Kelly’s.” But it was good.  And I know she can’t do it every week, but behind the piano she is magical.


5. Paul Jolley

paul_tenAmazed by Lonestar

Yeah, remember when Josh Gracin sang this? Let’s stop crediting Scotty with everything here.  Anyway, it was OK but I wasn’t thrilled, and it was just above boring. The upside of this performance is that he took direction from Jimmy well.  That might mean there is still hope for him to not be a complete cheeseball?


6. Candice glover

candice_tenI Who Have Nothing by Shirley Bassey

What else can I even say about her?  Amazing. She schools these singers week after week.  There is no need for a competition because she proved she is the best every single week so far, and will likely continue to be the best.  Will she win?  Not necessarily, but she can count on my vote.



lazaro_tenBreakaway by Kelly Clarkson

The background audio overpowered him during most of the song, the arrangement was pretty bad (especially the ending), and generally I was not impressed. He needs some vocal coaching and arrangement guidance.  He may have one of those sob story followings, but if vocals aren’t up to snuff, he may only last a few more weeks.


8. Kree Harrison

kree_tenCrying by Roy Orbison

Another fantastic Kree performance!  Her range may not be quite as wide, but her vocal quality and emotional connections is right up there with Candice.  I love her and see a huge career in her future.


9. Burnell Taylor

burnell_tenFlying Without Wings by Ruben Studdard

THANK GOD FOR STYLISTS. Dude got some help and is looking hot! Unfortunately he probably picked the crappiest finale ballad.  It was actually a good vocal, but I was distracted by flashbacks to terrible terrible Idol winner singles.


10. Amber Holcomb

amber_tenA Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson

In the words of Mariah, #pow. I think she might be a sleeper…Just how Jordin came in as a dark horse and stole the competition from frontrunner Melinda, Amber could come and steal this from Candice and Kree.  Girl has amazing vocal chops and I think she still has room to grow as an artist.  Be expecting a breakout performance during top 8 or top 7 that could send her on a winning trajectory.  you heard it here first, folks!


And in not such surprising news, the girls are killing it, and the boys may as well have been caught on the 405 with Nicki, because I was less than impressed with all of their blah performances (except I really do like Devin.)

But moreso than an amazing showstopping performance from the one and only fabulous Ms. Glover, I am thankful Burnell got a stylist. Because honey? That Fresh Prince get-up had to go.

I will leave you with a few predictions. Because of the lackluster and forgettable performances from both Curtis and Janelle, plus their placements near the beginning of the show, I think either could be in trouble tomorrow. I am crossing fingers and toes that it is Curtis, though…Janelle is infinitely more likable and versatile.  

Also, I love me some Candice and Kree, but Amber could swoop in and win it all. Any takers on this theory?

Who did you love tonight? Let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Idols sing the Idols.

  1. Gretchen

    Love the girls!! Candice, Kree, Angie and Amber. They are top four. They are all awesome. Great shows to watch – very entertaining. My fav guy is Devin – great voice – but I don’t think he meshes with Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy doesn’t know how to deal with someone who wants to be Michael Buble.


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