Top 10 Revealed! (Season 12)

The top 10 are revealed! The finalists! The tour! All in one night! All of this cray cray and Zoanette wasn’t even involved.

Let me begin with a little about the format. I have ALWAYS wanted the results shows to focus more on the contestants than captainrandomsinger that is promoting their new album. So in theory, tonight Nigel gave me everything I ever wanted. I just didn’t realize how much work that would mean for me!! I thought I could relax and watch the show tonight, but noooooo, I was writing ten performance recaps!! Here are your finalists and reviews on their victory songs:

1. Paul Jolley

top20resultspaulAlone by Heart

Really? the Underwood-Iraheta sacredness of Alone? How dare you.  Not that impressed.


2. Burnell Taylor

top20resultsburnellReady for Love by india.arie

I loved him singing this song way better than last night’s performance. But still with the paisley shirt? Stylist, stat.


3. Curtis Finch, Jr.

top20resultscurtisSo High by John Legend

Well, thank you for the bonus performance, because it solidified that I so completely dislike him.


4. Devin Velez

top20resultsdevinThe Power of One by Israel Houghton

Big Devin fan tonight! His performance was fantastic…I don’t know the song, but I loved him singing it.


5. Lazaro Arbos

top20resultslazaroBridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & G-funk

Ok, admit it.  This is my fave performance of his so far.  If he keeps getting better, I might not hate him.


6. Janelle Arthur

top20resultsjanelleHome by Dirks Bentley

OK, I did not expect this one. Not a good decision, America – There is way too much other talent. Someone good is not going to make it and I will probably be pissed.


7. Candice Glover

top20resultscandiceI’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige

I have no words for her, ever.  Just that I am relieved that she made it.


8. Angie Miller

top20resultsangieI Was Here by Beyonce

Not her best performance, but that’s just because Ryan couldn’t wheel out the piano, then wheel it back stage after. Understandable.  But she made Keith cry anyway.  Awww…


9. Amber Holcomb

top20resultsamberI’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston

Love this girl! (But stop singing Whit, girl. We know you’ve got the chops.  Get creative.)


10. Kree harrison

top20resultskreeEvidence by Susan Tedeschi

I have no words for her either, because my DVR cut off and I had to switch back to live TV, and missed half of it.  Ugh, Comcast.  But the beginning was awesome, and I would assume the end was, too.  Go Kree!


I love the group of girls. So much talent! I could have swapped Janelle for Aubrey (which would have made my predictions totally right) but I know Idol voters loves them some country. I don’t hate Janelle, so I’m ok with it.

The boys were pretty predictable, with Paul Jolley being the only surprise. He really wasn’t on my radar at all. And because people like ear-damaging Curtis, and sympathy-vote Lazaro (admittedly, I liked his performance tonight) made the cut, we lost people like Nick, who I truly believe had the potential to give great and entertaining piano performances. Or Elijah who could MAKE LOTS OF MONEY FOR YOU, NIGEL. It’s ok, Elijah…maybe Simon will pick you up. He’s smart like that.

I’ll end with this. If the ladies can’t pull out a win this season, this show should just pack it on up and concede the studio to X Factor, because it is done.

Are you happy with the results? Would you go see these people on tour? (Candice! Kree! Yes!) I always love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “Top 10 Revealed! (Season 12)

  1. Axlbul

    Other than Kree, Candice and Angie, i feel like this season i am watching auditions for cruise ship shows. All these ballads are so boring. These singers need to show they can perform. So far all i can say is if my melatonin runs out, i can rely on this season to put me to sleep.


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