Let’s Hear It For The Boy[s]

Well mark this as the night I totally disagreed with the judges. (This season, anyway.)  I am infinitely annoyed.  Nicki, my little ladybug, how come you stopped agreeing with me?!?  Anyway, here’s how it went down:

1. Elijah Liu

top20elijahStay by Rihanna

The small pitch problems here and there notwithstanding, it was a great song choice and a great vibe. He’s got that commercial thing going!  He could have his face on blankets and the cover of Teen Beat!  Scoop that up, Idol.


2. Cortez Shaw

top20cortezLocked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Great props for choosing an upbeat song! I like the vocal styling  too. However, this song didn’t show off his range like it did last week. That said, he is very commercial like Elijah–I’m rooting for him!


3. Charlie Askew

top20charlieMama by Genesis

Um, well.  I’m not a big fan of him to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Genesis, just not from him. The whole thing was all. sorts. of. wrong.  Then, to add insult to injury, after his bad reviews he pulls out the crying card. Oh Geez.  Don’t fall for this America!  Do the right thing.


4. Nick Boddington

top20nickIris by The GooGoo Dolls

FABULOUS! I loved everything about this performance. The vocal was pretty good (a few nervous spots, maybe), the style was fantastic, the arrangement was AWESOME. I am appalled that the judges hated it.


5. Burnell Taylor

top20burnellI’m Here by The Color Purple

Oh Burnell, I can’t focus on your singing because it looks like you walked off the set of Fresh Prince. Yikes. Dude needs a stylist stat. But from what I heard on the vocal, it was pretty good.  I wasn’t “jumping out the chair” like the judges were, though.


6. Paul Jolley

top20paulJust A Fool by Xtina

He is a good singer but I don’t love his style. He is trying too hard, and he just isn’t genuine. Also, #straineymcstrainerson came out to play.  Take it a half step down, dude.


7. Lazaro Arbos

top20lazaroFeeling Good by Michael Buble

Well, the up side is as follows: it was better than last week. The down side?  That bar was set quite low. America will inevitably vote for the sob story, though. I love the kid, I wish him the best, but I am not a fan.


8. Curtis Finch

top20curtisI Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

Stop.  Just stop.  A horrible, predictable song choice and a crazy vocal led me to do something I have never done in 12 seasons of watching Idol: I was forced to cover my ears on the last note because it was buzzing through my TV   Gah!  I hated everything about this crazy. His “style” is Idol generic.  #luskystank has been done time and time again, and I am so over it. The judges loved it, the crowd loved it, but for me? I just hope everything that happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.


9. Devin Velez

top20devinIt’s Impossible by Perry Como

I like him, but he can’t sing in Spanish every song. Karen Rodriguez tried that back in Season 10 and finished top 11. Don’t fall into the trap of one trick pony, Devin!  That notwithstanding, he is one of my favorite guys–his voice is great. Just take my advice, please!


10. Vincent Powell

top20vincentI’ll Make Love to You by Boys II Men

I mean, he has a great voice and all, but it was another boring, predictable song choice filled with vocal gymnastics and lacking in creative arrangements. Blah. I like him better than Curtis, but I was so effing bored!


Clearly i am not watching the same show as the judging panel.  I loved Nick, Cortez, and Elijah and the judged disliked all three. The judges lurved Curtis (omggg ear pain!), Vincent, and Lazaro and I hated all of them. So…

The top 5 I WANT? Elijah, Cortez, Nick, Devin, and Burnell, if he promises to lose the Fresh Prince get-up.

The top 5 I THINK will actually happen? Curtis, Vincent, Lazaro, Devin, and Burnell.


So which show did you watch?  The one the judges saw, or the one I saw?  Or are we both crazy?  Let me know in the comments!

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