Get it, Girls!

**Because I fear that this will be my last week to post an original Zoanette screenshot, I need to take advantage while I can. **

Tonight’s episode of idol went from cray cray to crazy amazeballs. Did Nigel really have that little faith in the American Idol voting public that he needed to stack all of the ringers in Act II? Its like smacking you over the head with a cast iron pot saying “YOU WILL REMEMBER CANDICE.” Um Candice didn’t need the favor. I will remember her anytime, anywhere.  Here’s how it went down:

1. ZOanette Johnson

top20zoanetteWhat’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner

Her fashion may be sharp but so is her pitch. Do not get me wrong–I lurves me some Zoanette. I mean seriously–get it girl! But this was really the wrong song for her crazy theatrics and the vocal was plain bad. I really don’t know if she could top what she did last week. (cray to the cray!)


2. Breanna Steer

top20breannaFlaws & All by Beyonce

I liked the song but didn’t love the arrangement–it never really went anywhere. Maybe she needed a grab-the-mic-off-the-stand moment? Or just move somewhere? The vocal was pretty solid, though.


3. Aubrey Cleland

top20aubreyBig Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie

This performance was better than Breanna’s, but I still have the same complaint about standing still at the mic. She has a great pop sound though, and I think she is versatile.


4. Janelle Arthur

top20janelleIf I Can Dream by Elvis Presley

She’s cute, but it was boring. She needs to pick something more upbeat – Carrie, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, or something a bit more current. Maybe it is just my dislike for old country? It was just not my cup of tea.


5. Tenna Torres

top20tennaLost by Faith Hill

Well, huge improvement from last week. It was a better song choice, the vocal was a HUGE improvement and her look was much better. Will she get lost in the shuffle tonight? Maybe. But she could be a sleeper.


6. Angie Miller

top20angieNever Gone by Colton Dixon

She needs to play the piano every. time. she. performs.  She absolutely comes alive when she plays. Perhaps in the future she can do some singer songwriter stuff, too (Carole King, anyone?) But I’m not sure that would be her style. She has to go through to the top 10, and I’m looking forward to hearing more great things.


7.Amber Holt

top20amberI Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston

First let me point out that Ryan confused Amber’s mom with her step mom in the chat segment, and that has to be a little awkward for him.  Oops!  But now to the performance, girl violated the first cardinal rule of Idol: Thou shalt not sing Whitney.   Except with her, it was totally forgivable because she nailed it vocally.  However, while pulling off Whitney with effortless-ness is amazing, the song choice and vocal choices were predictable. I hope we get to see her next week, and maybe she can change it up a bit. I am ready for some artistic creativity. And more blue suede shoes (hot!)


8. Kree Harrison

top20kreeStronger by Faith Hill

Yes! Yes! Kree! Yes! I am so impressed with this girl. She could be a star tomorrow, and I would be all over downloading her music.  If she doesn’t make it, there is some serious highway robbery going on.


9. Adriana Latonio

top20adrianaStand Up For Love by Destiny’s Child

She’s great with the glory note at the end, but everything else was forgettable. Like Nicki said, she just needs a little more life experience to draw from so she brings some real feelings to an otherwise predictable and emotionless performance. Meh


10. Candice Glover

top20candiceOrdinary People by John Legend

Master Class. No other words are necessary. Girl needs to win this show and win Grammys. Like tomorrow.


I will leave you with my top 5 picks: Candice, Kree, Angie, Amber and Aubrey. The first four HAVE to make it. Aubrey could be swapped out for a different mediocre performance of the night, or perhaps she will fall to Adriana and the Filipino powervoters. But Candice? She is right up there with J-Hud. And Kree? Another dose of awesomeness. And Angie? I mean seriously. If the girls don’t win this season, pack up the studio set, the show should be cancelled.

So what did you think? Who did you for?


One thought on “Get it, Girls!

  1. Gretchen

    I concur with your picks.  Candice is AWESOME. I love her. I love Angie but by the fifth week of this I think she’s is going to start sounding the same.  We’ll see what she does with it.  And I think that Amber is SO talented but needs some guidance and polish. But the raw material is there – awesome voice, great legs and cute dimples!!


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