Last Sudden Deaths: Boys Part 2

** This blog might just begin to feature crazy pictures of Zoanette. Don’t judge me for loving the crazy.**

So the last of the boys are up, and lets just say I was not overly impressed. With such a lackluster performance show, you can’t blame me for being more intrigued by Zoanette’s audience fodder over the performances. Here’s how it went down:

1. Mathenee Treco

matheneeLittle Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

I guess it was ok, but I was not impressed.  There was something off—the arrangement? Pushing his range too far?  Just the wrong song?  In the words of Simon “I wasn’t jumping out the chair.”


2. Gupreet Singh Sarin

gupreetNothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison

He is so stylin’ and I love his tone of voice.  I wasn’t thrilled by the song choice, but I didn’t hate it as much as the judges did.


3. Vincent Powell

vincentBecause I Love You by Lenny Williams

Well, at least we know Zoanette liked it!  I was actually kind of bored by the whole thing.  He has a good voice, but it was kind of Idol generic. I’m surprised the judges liked it so much.


4. Nick Boddington

NICKSay Something Now by James Morrison

Oh, I want to like him so much, but this performance was just, so lackluster (Let’s make a drinking game with how many times i say the word lackluster tonight!).  The arrangement was too much for the subtlety of his voice.


5. Josh Holiday

holiday**original song** by Josh Holiday

The first half of the song was fantastic.  The second half was a little manic with the falsetto.  I agree with Nicki that he should have stayed at the piano.  The song was pretty good though.  (Last note notwithstanding)


6. David Oliver Willis

davidFever by Peggy Lee

I like this guy!  I don’t remember seeing him yet, so this is all new to me.  He has a clear voice, plays the guitar, and although the song never went anywhere, I enjoy listening to him sing.  There was a great moment at the end, but I wish it came sooner.


7.Bryant Tadeo

bryantNew York State of Mind by Billy Joel

I loved the first half but it never went anywhere…that song is meant to buh-low (in the words of Randy).  And it never got there–he held back too much in the end.



8. Burnell Taylor

burnellThis Time by John Legend

Geez, another boring lackluster performance!  So forgettable  so wrong with the song choice.  He has an OK voice, but it was just not exciting.


9. Lazaro Arbos

lazaroTonight I Want To Cry by Keith Urban

This was totally the wrong song for him.  I think his story is great, but the voice, the song choice, and the performance didn’t do it for me.  At all.


10. Cortez Shaw

cortezBulletproof by La Roux

BEST OF THE NIGHT.  BY A MILE.  It was current, the arrangement was fantastic, and he has some amazing range.  In my opinion  he was the only one who knew what he was doing during this whole episode.


Whelp, I was bored.  That sums up the evening in a nutshell.  I would easily trade in this group of boys for all the eliminated girls from last night.  But the results are as follows:

Vincent, Lazaro, Cortez, Burnell, and Nick are going through to the next round. I don’t really have any notes other than Cortez was my favorite, and the only one who I think deserved to go through.  I think the judges were sometimes listening to another show than I was – Nicki’s praise for Burnell was unwarranted, and the whole panel’s praise for Vincent was completely unwarranted.  I think they should have kept Gupreet or Josh over Lazaro, but I understand why they did it.

Are you ready for three days of Idol next week?  I wish they would throw gender equality out the window at this point – the female talent is so strong compared to these guys, and they deserve to hang around a bit longer.  And also, I want to listen to awesome performances.

Let me know what you think! Are you happy with the results?

One thought on “Last Sudden Deaths: Boys Part 2


    Get that judge Nikki off she is reigning the show!! Everyone says they don’t even want to watch it because of her. Steven Tyler come back…..


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