It’s Britney, Bitch.

I know I’m running a little behind on this fall season of reality singing television, but NEVER FEAR people.  I’m here, I’m watching, and I’m ALMOST caught up.  After watching all of the audition episodes, here is my top 10 list of ones to watch out for during X Factor Season 2 (In no particular order, and sorry I don’t have pics for all):


Carly Rose Sonenclar (13) – This “little diva,” as Britney called her, sang Feelin’ Good, which was a FABULOUS audition.  So much polish and professionalism all inside a little teenage baby face.  Her vocal control is amazing for any age–and she is only 13!  I predict she’ll go far in this competition.

Jennel Garcia (18) – This aspiring rocker chose Ooh La La for her first round audition, which was full of rock and grit.  Although I think she needs the help of a stylist, and choreographer, and a band, she has great vocal tone and control – two things that are hard to teach.  Watch for her to be even better with the standard X Factor performance theatrics.

Jillian Jensen (19) – You will remember this one because it is the only time I have ever seen Simon cry!  In fact, she made everyone at the judges table tear up.  She bleeds emotion when she sings—but be wary of holding on to that pitch!  With Jillian it will be all about song choice, where she can find the right lyrics and melody that she connects with.  That way, the audience will connect with her.

Dinah Jane Hanson (15)- This girl has a CRAZY voice!  wow, I cannot believe she is 15.  She slayed that song, and I think we haven’t even scratched the surface with her talent.  Wow!

Diamond White – (13) Another 13-year-old to watch, Ms White belted out Man’s World.  She is adorable with a great voice, but needs some refining.  Song choice is going to be key for her—finding something that lets her shine vocally, but still allows her to be a young girl.  I see her on a Disney Channel show, stat.

Jessica Espinoza (22) – Jessica came from a tough background but is determined to succeed in music.  She chose Nobody Knows (Pink) for her first audition.  She has a great, soulful voice with so much passion and depth.  There were some bum notes, though.  She will need to focus on nailing her pitch through all of the emotion.

Panda (50-something) –OMG  I love this woman!  Her personality is feisty, she has a crush on Simon, and she has a great gospel voice to boot!  She gave a totally jammin’ audition performance, but can hopefully pull of future performances sans oxygen tank.


Jeffrey Gutt  (37) – This rocker sang Hallelujah and in my opinion, is THE one to watch in this season of X Factor.  He made a great song choice and a great first impression.  I am excited to see him do more hard rocking stuff, as well, which I am confident he can pull off.  He has great vocal interpretation, makes things his own, and has experience on stage.  I am so pumped to see him on this show.

Tate Stevens – Anything Goes – He has a great male country voice, good back story and the drive to work hard.  He is the type that idol would usually recruit, except he is too old.  Is he totally original?  No.  But he will fit in the country format well.

Jason Brock (34) – His glitter and vocal explosion spewed out New York State of Mind in the most awesome fashion.   He is unbelievable—I cannot WAIT to hear what this guy has up his sleeve.  He has a versatile voice, an infectious personality, and will be awesome to watch throughout the competition.

And before we go any further, I have to say I *LOVE* this judging panel.  The girls both have their little quirks, and It remains to be seen with how they are on live performance shows, but thus far, it is awesome.  Way better than the Nicki/Mariah Diva Drama goin’ on with Idol.  I mean, honestly.

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