A Three-fer

Tonight is “threes” night.  Three contestants, three songs, three judges.  The judges get to pick round one, the contestants chose their own fate in round two, and Jimmy picks round three.


I’d Rather Be Blind by Etta James 

Randy chose this song for him which was an excellent fit.  He appeared to show more control than we have seen in recent weeks, where he just ripped the head off the songs in a down and dirty way.  The control and phrasing were done like a pro, and save for a few sharp notes, the pitch was great, as well.  He is off to a great start!



My All by Mariah Carey 

Weeeellll…I was not a fan of her on this song at all.  The song never peaked, it sounded too challenging for her, especially in a week of learning three songs and hometown visits.  I don’t fault her, because she gave it her best go.  (I mean honestly, J. Lo, I’d love to hear your best shot at this one…)



Begging by Madcon 

So the judges were the most successful in picking Phillip’s song.  He was in his groove, jamming out, a typical Phillip performance.



Imagine by John Lennon 

I loved his rendition of this song that has seen many great performances on the Idol stage.  He feels each song in his soul, and this translates well even through the tv.



I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith 

I don’t usually praise arrangements on Idol (only criticize the bad ones) But for an idol edit, this was a great version.  There was great build, it didn’t feel chopped up, and I was captivated throughout.  Plus it is pretty ballsy to sing an Aerosmith song in front of Steven.



Disease by Matchbox 20 

I can’t fault him for song choice, because he seems to know what suits him. There are no surprises or wow moments with him.  But it was definitely competent.



No More Drama by Mary J. Blige 

He looked like a freaking jumping bean.  I mean, the vocals were freaking phenomenal, but he was making me dizzy!



I’ll Be There by The Jackson 5 

I LOVED her singing this song.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  Jimmy was successful in finding a young song for her, but something also associated with the big diva voice of Mariah.  She gave a flawless performance, as well.  Tonight, I think Jessica put her best effort forward.



We’ve Got Tonight by Bob Seger

For once, I have to give Phillip props on his vocal.  This was a great song for him with an excellent arrangement.  Even though his spot in the finale was inevitable, at least with this performance he earned his spot.

I know Jessica has about a three percent chance of making it to the finale next week, but she can’t say she didn’t put forth a valiant effort.  That said, Phillip definitely earned his spot tonight rather than making it a complete gimme.  I am losing hope for women on this show… But both Phillip and Joshua deserve to make the finale .  (In a futile effort, I will be throwing votes towards Jessica, though!)
Were you wow-ed tonight?  Disappointed?  Surprised?  Let me know in the comments…

15 thoughts on “A Three-fer

  1. Vinyljunkee3

    Joshua is typical of American Idol fanfare.  Screechy, screaming and not at all musical…..just like other  Idol hasbeens (think Fantasia, Adam Lambert, and that guy from the south I cannot even remember…he twisted all over the stage and couldn’t sing but won it all, while Daughtry went on to sell Millions of records).   Why does this show prefer this?   He can sing but why not reel it in and make it a soulful, classic R/B sound as he has been portrayed?   As is, Al Green and Marvin Gaye are totally dissed.   AMIDOL can do better than this and if this is the winner……last season for me and I imagine many more.  This guy Sucks.     


    1. MaximusPrime

      Exactly…except for Kelly and Carrie, all the AI winners are just hanging in Limbo as far as singing career goes….i’m losing interest in this show…if Josh wins…time to move away from AI…


  2. bluealexandra

    I was a Joshua fan all the way until the last couple of weeks.  His style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  My favorite song from him was a few weeks ago when he sang the Fantasia Idol victory song.  He touched me deep within my heart on that one.  But it’s been nothing but church gospel since and it gets boring after a while.  Phillip, on the other hand, has gotten better and better and sexier and sexier.  Last night was the deciding vote for me.  Phillip deserves to win.  He’s amazing!!


  3. Barbzils

    I love Phil.  I could listen to his music  all day long.  He also makes all the songs sound relevant unlike Joshua and Jessica.  That fact that Phil is so good looking doesn’t hurt either.  


  4. noname

    Phillip. I’m not crazy about the screachers. Yes, they knock one out of the park on occasion, but Phillip just gets it right. That dude has a coolness factor that can’t be manufactured. It just ‘is’. And he’s got it!


  5. judy

    Joshua, you got  ROBBED by Philip!!!!!!  Philip CAN NOT SING and you outsang him every time.  I KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A VERY BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD OF YOU AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!  I can’t wait until  Jessica and you cut your vist CD–I will be buying them!  Philip doesNOT sound like Springsteen, who are you trying to kid.  This may be my last season of IDOL–when a judge makes a poor comment about how you people sing, especially in the last three, it seems the people do no cast their vote for that person.  It happened last year also,  Scotty McCreary, are you serious? 


  6. SWAlaska

    SOOOO …. happy that Joshua was voted off.  I don’t think I could stand ONE more episode of screeching.  I actually liked Jessica’s singing last night but she is still TOO old in her presentation.  I am voting for Philip. Real life success story.  He just has a unique sound and will most likely sell the records.  BTW – watch for Hollie- I think she will be the surprise in the future like some of the others who were voted off early.


  7. This night would have been SO MUCH better if Hollie was here!  I know she got 4th out of 13 and there’s only this show and the finale without her and all, but that Still feels to long without her! She definitely would have blown everyone out of the water, becasue this was an off noght as a whole.(Okay Phillip was kind of good on the last song, I’ll admit, but he had too many bad weeks for me.  I feel like last week the general reaction  to his second solo was “Oh that was good!  He definitely belongs in the Top 3!)   While your mileage may vary on the quality of that particular performance,  I think we can agree having  ONE good song after a slew of bad weeks (hey Top 5 week) doesn’t justify him a Top 3 spot over Hollie.  Of course my bitterness is a factor but it is a legit point to consider.  If he has post success, good for him though.  Far be it from me to wish a bad life on someone.


  8. Dklazlo

    We don’t like JS from the beginning, she were voted off early. She is fake with fxxk face mask. she is SUCK. Phil and Joshua should be in F. Good luck Phil.


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