Results Show: J Lo Pimpage Edition

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be the least surprising results show in a while.  First place is essentially wrapped up (Enter: white boy with guitar.)  Fourth place is wrapped up (Enter: not-well-defined white girl with big voice.)  So I am pretty much looking forward to next week which will determine who will sing  along side Phillip in the finale.

Uncle Nigel clearly decided to embrace the major voting demographic of this show by bringing throngs of teenage girls clad in Forever 21 on stage as “paparazzi” (sans camera flashes) during the introductions.


California Dreamin by The Mamas and The Papas

The Forever 21 girls hung on stage during the appropriate group number for the remaining gender mix.  Unfortunately, the vocal was male dominant, and it was no surprise that Joshua carried the vocals.  Too bad the ladies couldn’t get more involved.


Feeling So Good by Jennifer Lopez

On par with the goal of extra J Lo pimping, the Ford commercial soundtrack (featuring a new electric vehicle?) was a J Lo number.  I quite enjoyed the little “making of” video before the actual video, and would love to see more behind the scenes videos like this in the future.  Also, did anyone else notice Phillip’s absence?  Maybe he and Jimmy are already working on his coronation song.


PhillipJimmy thought his CCR song was OK, but Volcanowas phenomenal.Hollie: Jimmy thought her second performance crashed and burned, but her Journeynumber was ok.Neither gets results yet.


The Last Song I’ll Write For You  by David Cook

Oh Mr. Cook.  Remember when I watched you win?  Then saw you sing with Ms. Underwood?  So nice to see you again.    Aside from a few bum notes, this was a good performance, and a nice, radio friendly song.  I wish he would have gotten a post-performance chat with Ryan.


Joshua: Jimmy didn’t love his rendition of You Raise Me Up. But his Man’s World he thought was EPIC.

Jessica: Jimmy thought her Steal Away was too copycat, but her Dreamgirls song was awesome.


Dance Again  by Jennifer Lopez

I wonder if Jen’s contract stipulates the number of minutes she must be featured in the results show throughout the season?  I mean, it was sort of hot, there was confetti, whatever.  I don’t know if this was done live (maybe?) but there was definitely lip syncing.  Understandably, with all of the bombastic dancing, there wasn’t enough oxygen left for singing.


Ryan hands out three round-trip tickets plus a lone one-way.  Tonight, Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip get booked on the roundtrip flights, while poor Hollie gets a one-way ticket to Texas.  So much for complete domination from the Idol Belt.


Well I can’t say it wasn’t overdue.  It was.  In fact, Hollie should have headed home two weeks ago instead of Elise.  Then last week instead of Skylar.  So she squeezed out a few more performances, which honestly, she needed to have more than those two previous one-way ticket holders.  However, she still never succeeded in telling me what kind of music she would make after the show.  I “get” everyone in the top 8… except her.  She needs to work extra hard and hopefully she hooks up with a great management team that can help her thrive in this cut-throat industry.

So Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip head home.  And next week we find out who will be competing with Phillip in the Ph-inale (You see?  Phillip+Finale?  NO?  Not so much?  Ok, glad I got that out of my system.)

So were you surprised tonight?  Totally expected?  Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Results Show: J Lo Pimpage Edition

  1.  I’ve been having a hard time watching ever since all the judgegasms began over Joshua and Jessica. What is Josh’s problem? He was rolling his eyes yet again last night and then proceeded to scream through two sets. Jessica has warmed up a little, but we’re constantly reminded at how hard she has worked all her life to get this, okay already. I feel sorry for her and wonder about her upbringing, but she is not original. Talented, yeah, but just a brilliant karioke singer.

    Phillip has been my favorite since the beginning but I don’t see him winning with so much judge bias against him. I don’t plan to watch anymore. I thought Hollie would have been far more interesting to see get to the final three or even two: she’s more honest-to-god earnest, has none of the *attitude* of the Js, and is one h*ll of a singer. She and Phillip are original, and humble. That makes them far better than the other two. Since you asked. 🙂


    1. SWAlaska

      I totally agree with you.  I don’t think I want to watch the judgefest next year either. We ALL Know that Joshua and Jessica would make the top two.  Philip hasn’t a chance.  I am even discusted with Steven Tyler- he has been a real jerk — regarding Philip not giving a damn and his “I’m sorry baby it just didn’t do it for me” to Hollie.  That sounds like a practiced one night stand line.  I was sad about Hollie.  I hope someone picks her up for a record deal.   I am sick of the 16yr telling us how hard it has been.   You are right- she probably has a familiy to please , sad.. 

      Really sick of the judge bias this year.  Too preplanned.   Done with idol.  I really enjoyed the voice this year.  If you haven’t seen it you should.


  2. Thought Criminal

    I feel the judges have been pushing increadibly hard for Josh and Jessica in the final for over two months.

    I have two problems with this.

    First, neither is widely marketable. Sure Josh can sing … but when is the last time anyone went out and bought a AME Church of God Gospel Record?

    Do not get me wrong, the boy can sing, but is definately 40 years late to the party in which his brand of singing would be marketable on a large scale.

    Jessica … is in the Mid Day Nickalodeon TV show demagraphic … which could be marketable, except she shows zero personality. iJessica? I think not … Hanna MonSanchez? Well … the way she dresses is more like the current and not so marketable Ms Cyrus.

    I mean few people are going to buy albums from a cookie cutter 16 year old over sexualized diva … even if Jlo says the rules for sexing up a little girl are different in Hollywood. 

    Phillip has some marketability, but I don’t see him selling huge numbers either. I will buy his songs … but I am a huge Joe Cocker / DMB fan … so it makes sense. But outside of that first album he is really going to have to show he is actually a relevant artist.

    just my two pennies


  3. Gretchen

    I had to laugh when Jimmy Iovine referred to Mozart’s unfinished symphony!!  As far as I know, Mozart does not have a unfinished symphony.  Schubert and Beethoven, yes, but not Mozart.  I wonder what his music education background is anyway.


      1. gesangteller wolfgang

        Jimmy didn’t say as “Mozart’s unfinished work”but “Mozart’s unfinished symphony.” Indeed Mozart’s requiem is unfinished but he doesn’t have any unfinished symphonies. 


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