Results Show: Do or Die Edition

**Sorry for my lack of screenshots tonight–my software is a bit out of sorts**

No more saves!  Tonight, America really decides who goes home.   I wonder if it will be a shocker!


Dancing In The Streets by Martha and the Vandellas
Waaay better than last week.  I love the addition of dancers and musicians on stage!  Although the balloons seemed a bit premature – don’t we normally save that celebration for the Nokia?  In the words of Randy, the group songs are back tonight!  They’re back, baby, they’re back!


‘Astronomy Turned Astrology’ should be the title of this one.  Not a very enlightening commercial, but I learned Jessica is a fellow Gemini.


BFFs Joshua and Hollie are up first.  Jimmy likes Joshua for the finale. He thinks Hollie took a giant step this week but still has a long road ahead. Joshua is safe, Hollie heads to the stools of doom.


The Vision Of Love by Kris Allen 
Aw I love Kris so much.  And during season 8 I can’t say I was always on the Kris bandwagon, but he won me over!  This was a nice performance, and the song seemed catchy enough.  Not too sure if I loved the rotating piano though.


Skylar and Elise are up next.  Jimmy thinks Elise will be bottom three because of her song choice, and he thinks Skylar is the best performer in the competition.  Per usual, Elise heads to her vacation home in the bottom 3, and Skylar is safe.


Sorry For Partyrocking by LMFAO 

The sound went out so many times during their performance I thought I was watching Springer.  And while I enjoy some LMFAO, This song was pretty obnoxious.


Phillip, Colton, and Jessica are up last Jimmy likes Phillip, thought Colton was horrible last night, and thinks Jessica needs to pick younger songs. Jessica and Phillip are safe, and Colton is in the bottom 3.

Ryan sends Elise back to the couches, leaving Hollie and Colton.  And Colton ends up getting the boot.


I am sad to see him go, but it is true, he did have an off night. His sing out didn’t do him any favors in terms of solidifying his record deal either – he sounded like crap tonight.

But in an amazing advancement for the ladies, Hollie and Elise squeeze out another week. Go girl power!  For those of you keeping track at home, the girls outnumber the guys 2:1.  Pretty good odds to get to that finale, huh?

So, are you surprised at the result?  Happy you won’t have to hear Colton’s nasaly voice anymore (and happy to stop hearing me cheer him on?)  Let me know, of course.


2 thoughts on “Results Show: Do or Die Edition

  1. Nullabug

    I saw tonight show and i don’t  agree with  Americas choice at all.
    I will be buying the album when he brings it out.
    and those who voted for him good job you have good taste.


  2. Dlmart3

    I can’t believe there aren’t more people that think Hollie SUCKS!  What the heck is going on here??????  Talk about blahhzey voice.  Stop voting for blah blah.


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