Top 7 Results — with Two Alumni Performances!

Apparently it is going to be a “huge shocker” according to TMZ–they say that it is a producer favorite with the lowest number of votes.  My guess is Joshua or Jessica.



Raise Your Glass by P!nk 
You guys know I love cheesy group songs but this was way over the top even for me.  It was awkward, Phillip was stroking Colton’s hair, it looked very messy and unrehearsed with really bad “step touch” moves.  Ryan’s photo bomb at the end really was the frosting on the cake of this horrid performance.  Take it back, please.

Ford Commercial


Great Escape
I was suckered in by the graphics, but did anyone notice they didn’t actually film a commercial…it was all video gymnastics accompanied by the contestants singing in unison.  Guess they’ve been spending too much time with Tommy Hilfiger and can’t commit time to their Ford Commercial.


Jessica and Hollie are up first.  Jimmy is a fan of Jessica but not a fan of Hollie.  Hollie is in group 1, Jessica is in group 2.  Someone’s getting Huffed tonight!!



Higher Than Heaven by James Durbin 
OMG I can’t even handle the ridiculousness.  This faux rocker business needs to stop.  I wasn’t a big JD fan last season, and this performance hasn’t won me over.



Phillip and Elise are up next.  Jimmy is not a fan of either of their performances from last night.  Phillip joins Hollie in group 1, and Elise joins Jessica in group 2.



Think Like a Man by Jennifer Hudson 

Wow, she gets more and more amazing as time goes on, I think. She was fabulous.  Take note, contestants.  NeYo was ok, but what was up with his shirt?



Colton and Joshua are up next.  Jimmy was on board with them both…Joshua goes with Jessica and Elise, Colton joins Hollie and Phillip. And Skylar gets HUFFED! She is declared safe, refuses to pick a group (smart girl), and placed in group 1.  This leaves Joshua, Jessica, and Elise in the bottom three.

Joshua and Elise are safe, and Jessica is in danger of going home. This was not a shock because of the TMZ report. And before she finishes eight bars of her “save me” song, JLo runs on to stage and pronounces her saved.  This came as no surprise, as Steven already redeemed the save before it was announced Jessica was the bottom vote-getter.


I don’t like that the judges ruined her sing out moment by coming out and grabbing the mic – that moment creates momentum and great TV and they totally ruined it.

It was fitting that J Hud performed tonight because she was eliminated during Top 7 (wherein George Huff was Huffed.)  If the save existed in season 3 I’m sure it would have been used on her.

So will this create momentum for Jessica?  I’m not sure.  I never felt she really lost momentum, it is just a tough season with good contestants who have solid fan bases.  With this wake up call, I think Jessica should consider doing some sort of crazy unexpected song next week.

Shocked Jessica was the lowest vote-getter?  Shocked she was saved?  Let me know what you think of these crazy events!



6 thoughts on “Top 7 Results — with Two Alumni Performances!

  1. Gretchen

    Yes, I was shocked.  I’m picking Jessica for the win.  So I guess I better start voting.  And that’s what a lot of viewers are going to do now.  I’m betting she will gain an enormous amount of votes because people will now start calling in for her.  I really think she has the potential to be the most successful Idol ever.  Ever!!


  2. Blamecanada


    I was anything but shocked.

    She is a girl, which is always a hard sell when 1/2 of the voters are 16 year old girls. So the boys automatically get a lot more votes right off the bat.

    Additionally, she does this whole B ebe Chez thing … which is embarassing. 16 year old girls who are again half the voting audience are going to think that is wierd and shy away from that kind of nonsense.

    Every time they mention it, I cringe.

    Additionally, everyone loves an underdog. The way they have been picking on Hollie they have made her an underdog and in my opinion solidified a fan base that thinks the judges are trying to sell them certain contestants and cast off others.

    Hollie isn’t the best … but De’Andre stung my ears … and we got to hear about how amazing he was for how long?


  3. Krystianas

    Honestly I find it disgusting that the judges ran up on stage like that. That was a blatant show of favoritism and disrespect to the other contestants. It bothers me very much that the judges criticized contestants for doing their best. The judges have showed favoritism toward certain contestants however this is the worst I’ve ever seen. This next week im voting my butt off and hopefully the best wins!!!!


  4. ms

    I didn’t like the way they used their save . I have been a fan of the show for years . Jessica should have been saved no doubt , however she should have sang her song like the others had to . I didn’t like Jennifer and the other judges running up to her and making a big deal over her . I think it hurt the show . How do you think the other singers felt watching this lovefest ? This kind of behavier would never had happened with Cowell . The Producers need to keep the integrity of the show intact . Last nite was a joke .   


  5. guest

    Jessica’s not that great – and has been said before, the judges made fools of themselves. Simon must still be rolling the floor laughing . . . .


  6. CamJ

    I HATED the way the judges stormed the stage.  I was surprised to see Jessica on the bottom, but thought the other contestants did very well.  I honestly think they have something against Hollie because I thought her performance was stellar.  It feels like the judges think they can bully America into voting for who they want.  


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