Another Results Show, This Time with Boy Bands and Pickles

First order of business: Jacob may faint at any moment.  Please surround him with pillows to cushion the potential fall.  Good thing there is no group song tonight, huh?

We also get a preview of JLo’s new video wherein she is covered with shiny powder.  Saucy.




I’m gonna be honest with you – I fast forwarded through the commercial.  But from the perspective of 3x fast forward it looked like it garnered a half-smile rating.  Nothing to write home about.


Jessica and Joshua are up first.  Jimmy liked Joshua, but he thought Jessica’s song was too small for her (this rarely happens on idol!)  Both are safe.



Glad You Came by The Wanted

Love the song, love the boys, but am I the only one who thought they gave a pitchy performance?  It looks like they put on a good show, though.


Skylar and Colton are up.  Jimmy loved Skylar, but he thought Colton was 3rd or 4th last night.  I would take that as a compliment, but Jimmy meant it as a dig, apparently.  Next, Hollie and Deandre are called to center stage.  Jimmy didn’t think either one of them was great last night, and he thinks they will both be in the bottom group. Deandre is in the bottom 3. Colton is safe. Skylar is safe. And Hollie is bottom 3.  The notorious Jimmy strikes again!



Where is Tammy Wynette by Kellie Pickler
I remember the days when Kellie was on the show, and I used to despise her because I felt she was an inferior Carrie Underwood wannabe.  But 6 years later I don’t feel so much bitterness!  She is cute, she’s grown up a lot, and this maturity shows on stage in her performances.  The song is a little too over the top with the country twang, but I’m sure it appeals to her fans.


Elise and Phillip are the last duo to arrive center stage.  Jimmy thought both of them weren’t their best last night.  I think Phillip deserved a trip to the bottom.  But alas, it is Elise that takes the journey to the stools of doom.

Before the break, Hollie is sent back to the couches, leaving Elise and Deandre.  After the break we find out Deandre has the lowest number of votes and must sing for his life.  Then for his “Save Me” song he chooses his worst song choice of the competition!  Bad form, Deandre.  Dude bops around the stage like an exploding toy.  Despite Jen’s vote to save him, Deandre is not saved.


I am not certain, but I feel this is the first time in several seasons where the ladies outnumber the guys at this point in the competition.  However, I think this is definitely short-lived.

There is pretty much a 75% chance Hollie is headed home next week, unless she can pull a rabbit out of her hat.  And Elise has to work harder than any other contestant at this point because she doesn’t appear to have a strong fan base to coast her through her bad weeks.  I thought she might pick up some momentum after Erika left, but not so much yet.  I hope after these two ladies in the pecking order, Phillip is right after them.  For me, his performances have been on the decline, and without a total surprise to garner some new interest in him, I think he might be looking at the bottom three coming up in the next few weeks.

So, did the right person go home?


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