Results Show: A Little Country, A Little Minaj Edition

First, Aerosmith is going on tour.  Also, I will never understand Steven’s obsession with blouses.  The Idols received tweets from their idols, except Deandre didn’t get a tweet, he got the person – a visit from Eric Benet.  Deandre was kind of star struck.


So in a likely effort to actually keep people from fast forwarding through the Ford commercial, there is now a secret medallion hidden with the commercial and people can win prizes by finding it.  Maybe you should just make the commercials more exciting…


Elise, Phillip, and Hollie are up first.  Jimmy loved Elise, and spilled the beans on 80s night next week.  Jimmy also was a big fan of Phillip.  However, he thinks Hollie lacks the soul and emotional maturity of the other singers.  Hollie (as predicted) makes her first appearance in the bottom 3.  Elise and Phillip are safe.


Starship by Nicki Minaj
Um, seriously, I was scared for her and the potential wardrobe malfunction.  And she wanted to take J Lo’s place behind the judges table.  Hey Nicki, I hear that X Factor is hiring.  Please send your resume to Simon Cowell.


Colton, Joshua, and Heejun are up next.  Jimmy wasn’t a fan of Colton last night.  He thought he was too emotional.  With Joshua he had the same comment about being too emotional.  And with Heejun, Jimmy agrees with me, saying that Heejun just isn’t as good of a singer as the other eight.   Heejun is in the bottom 3, while Colton and Joshua are safe.


Watertower Town by Scotty McCreery
Typical Scotty.  As on the show last season, there were no surprises with this performance.  I have to give him props for going platinum, though.  I guess he has a crazy fan base!


Skylar, Deandre, and Jessica are up last.  Jimmy didn’t like the song for Skylar, but he likes her.  He also feels Deandre is polarizing and could be in trouble.  However, he is extremely on board with Jessica, and all but endorsed her for the winner.  Jessica is safe.  Deandre is safe.  And Skylar is bottom 3.  She can’t even get in the chair!  Aw…
After the break, Skylar is sent back to safety, leaving Hollie and Heejun.  But Heejun gets the boot. Well, it was basically a week overdue on this one.  And the judges to not use their save.  I’m pretty sure the only thing the judges discuss at the table is who is going to give the bad news…


I am actually quite pleased with these results.  I would have expected a bounce back in votes since this week was such an improvement over last week.  But it was far past his time to exit, and I’m glad he didn’t stick around at the expense of one of these young ladies who both have bigger vocal chops than Heejun ever will.  
I think Skylar just had an off week and she will bounce back, but Hollie needs to use this bottom 3 warning and figure out who the heck she is…and quick.  But honestly?  I don’t know if there is time to do that.  My gut tells me she and Deandre will be the next two heading home…

4 thoughts on “Results Show: A Little Country, A Little Minaj Edition

  1. I think having  Tommy Hilfiger as an advisor as telling Erica to cut her hair. That made me dislike him a lot and his advise.A man should never tell a woman to cut her hair. He had no right to tell her that. Hejun shouldnt have been thrown off. Dorothy Rose


  2. Lykeu2

    What is J Lo thinking and whi is drssing her!!! She looked like a mother in her daughters dress last week and her big A** was made even bigger! hen will someone tell her she looks foolish in her outfits and show off areas that need not be shown! And if I hear her say ” This is Crazy” one more time I will scream! Please stop before she is anoither Paula Abdul! Lots of nothing to say. I also think between her and Rndy easy to see who they are trying to push to the finals and very unfair for them to like J lo ask people to vote for DeAndre and make other contestants feel shunned!’What is she and Randy thinking that we are blind??? Randy has done this before and who he pushed have been disasters sicne they won.


  3. Ken

    Are you kidding me~~~  Who is dressing J Lo???  I thought showing off her hug butt and thick thighs were bad enough but tonights outfit made her look like a  costume for Mardi Gra!


  4. Warehouse Guard

    I can’t believe no one has commented on how Phillip is such a Dave Matthews clone. The judges keep praising him for being one-of-a-kind and sooooo unique, when he’s anything but. Give me a break…. C’mon Randy, call him out on it! He even dances like Dave! Why no one calls him out on this really irks me!


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