TRIOS NIGHT with Stevie Nicks (Top 9)

Ah, the requisite Idols Sing Their Idols week.  These themes are getting as predictable as Randy Jackson’s vocabulary.  But several exciting items of note: Jordin Sparks is in the hizz, Stevie Nicks is helping out Jimmy this week, and there are TRIOS!  TRIOS, PEOPLE!  Super excited.  Lets get on with it.


by Lifehouse

Last week I loved Colton (an opinion for which I received much flack!).  This week, despite the judges praise, I thought the performance was kind of bland.  That song isn’t a favorite of mine to begin with, but the performance just didn’t really go anywhere.  It wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t memorable.


2. Skylar LAINE

Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

Another average performance from her.  At this point in the competition she needs to step out of her country roots and stretch herself into a more unpredictable performance.  (Please see Carrie’s performance of Alone or Love is A Battlefield).  This performance was just a status quo for Skylar.



TRIO 1! Colton, Elise, and Phillip

A MEDLEY (OMG!) of Fleetwood Mac 

Colton and Elise sounded fantastic but Phillip was below the pitch for most of his portion.  But how can I complain about a Fleetwood Mac Medley!  Two of my favorite things in life have come together on my tv tonight.  Just the idea of Fleetwood Mac + An Idol Medley nearly makes me wet myself.  But I digress…



A Song For You by Donny Hathaway

Really?  A standing O from the judges?  I thought it was good, but not that good.  I have to give him credit though, because this upped his game considerably.  I still don’t think he can hold a candle to the big voices this season.  However, this performance could buy him at least one more week.




Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood

Another week of Hollie’s identity crisis!  Not that this was a bad performance…she could actually sing country!  But I am still confused about what she really wants to do.  While I think Skylar needs to break out of her country mold, Hollie needs to establish some consistency before she starts jumping around.  I did feel like she connected with the song, so she is making progress.  I am sort of surprised Jimmy hasn’t given her better guidance in the whole identity thing.




Sometimes I Cry by Eric Benet

The return of the false.  And another standing O from the judges.  I didn’t love it like J Lo loved it.  But for whatever reason, it didn’t bother me as much this week–maybe because he actually felt the song?  I don’t know.  Even with that, I still think he is in danger.


6. Jessica Sanchez

Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

Not sure I’m loving the red doors…that is a little much.  But her vocal was amazing.  And I like how she turned an uptempo into a ballad.  I’m glad she performed Beyonce, because she could grow into that type of performer.  Nice work!




A MEDLEY! (OMG) by Michael Jackson

Aw, I loved this, of course!  An MJ medley?  JLo was right that they shouldn’t be here for dancing.  Well, at least not Heejun.  The other guys were ok.  But the vocal performance was right on!.



Still Rainin’ by Johnny Lang

Why are all of the guys getting standing Os tonight?  And does he really look like Mick Fleetwood?  I do think he had a good performance and he knows exactly who he is.  Maybe he needs to take my advice to Skylar and change it up a bit one of these weeks.



Without You by Mariah Carey

What is with the set pieces tonight?  Trees?  Doors?  Was there a production of Wicked that just ended?  Joshua is such a crier, though…I think he cries every week.  His performance was good but not phenomenal. There was nothing wrong with this performance–I can’t complain.   But we have seen him better.


TRIO 3! Hollie, Jessica, and skylar

A MEDLEY! (OMG) by Madonna

I think something was wrong with Skylar’s mic.  Of the three medleys, this was the least polished…Not because of the performance but rather because of the arrangement–it didn’t flow like the others.



Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

Rockin’ Elise!  Haley tackled Zeppelin last season and Elise this season.  Yay for the old lady on Idol!  Woot!  I think I just joined team Elise.

Wow, I feel like everyone did a pretty good job tonight.  No trainwrecks…what is this?  And honestly it is hard to pick a favorite.  But Elise kind of rocked it with some Zeppelin, so she edges into the top spot.  I have no idea who will be in trouble tomorrow…but I do think Hollie could make an unexpected appearance in the bottom 3.    What do you think?
PS – How much did I enjoy the medleys!? On a performance night?!  You know I have a soft spot for group songs with choreography.

3 thoughts on “TRIOS NIGHT with Stevie Nicks (Top 9)

  1. Gretchen

    I agree with all your comments – my pick to leave is Heejun, but I think Hollie will be in the bottom three as well due to her identity crisis.  Loved Elise – especially her spontaneous duet with Stevie!!


  2. Calvin

    Wow. For two seasons in a row, the top 9 has fallen in the same format: eliminate a really strong, underrated contestant, then produce a really stellar episode (this year’s EVP, last year’s pitchy but entertaining Naima Adedapo and talented but misguided Thia Megia; this year’s Personal Idol week, last year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame week)


  3. LAsports

    The comment about Philip had nothing to do with Mick Fleetwood but Lindsey Buckingham. That was what Jimmy was kidding Stevie about. 


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