The Voice Battle Round 3

Whelp, we are on battle round 3 (I know, I’m a week behind on this) and we are  OMG, this show takes forever to progress.

On Team Adam, Pip and Nathan Parrett will be battling with Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good. Pip gets to be mentored by Alanis, and Nathan is mentored by Robin Thicke. These guys are very comparable and both quite good. I can see where there is only room for one because they are very comparable. Pip ends up being Adam’s choice in the end.

Team CeeLo chooses Erin Martin and the Shields Brothers to battle with Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It. The Shields Brothers rehearse with Babyface, and Erin rehearses with NeYo. This performance is a hot mess from every standpoint. The guys’ harmonies were way off, and Erin’s weird accent is so put on it is obnoxious. Can both of these groups go home? Apparently not. CeeLo chooses Erin.

On team Xtina, Ashley de la Rosa battles Jonathis. They are singing No Air by Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown. Jonathis is mentored by Lionel Ritchie and Ashley is mentored by Jewel. These guys were actually a good duo together. I felt they were both a little pitchy during the performance but gave a good overall show. Ultimately, Xtina chose Ashley.

AlyX and Jermaine Paul will be battling on Team Blake. They are singing Get Out Of My Dream by Billy Ocean. AlyX gets pointers from Miranda and Jermaine gets mentored by KC. This was actually an amazing performance on both of their parts, but Jermaine! Jermaine was amazing. He is one of the best in this whole competition. Blake obviously goes with Jermaine.

On Team Adam, Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker are paired up with Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Angel gets mentored by Robin Thicke and Katrina is mentored by Alanis. Katrina does get the best of the song and really steps up. Angel was much better in practice and kind of bombed the performance. Adam rightfully chooses Katrina in this battle.

In the last battle of the night, Gwen Sebastian and Erin Willen will be battling with Pat Benatar’s We Belong. Nice song choice, Blake! Gwen is mentored by Miranda and Erin is mentored by KC. This is such a good song, and a very comparable match up. Blake chooses Erin Willis.

So, the last battle round was on tonight, and I will be catching up soon!  This show better speed up fast…live shows!  live shows!


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