Results Show

The first thing Ryan mentions again is that Jermaine was forced to be eliminated.  They are really milking this thing, huh?  Another “big” announcement…Tommy Hilfiger is the new image consultant for Idol.  Maybe he can get Erika out of the prom dress madness.

Ford Commercial

Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns
Per usual, super lame.  The Idols walked around in a haunted house, and all of them looked like pretty bad actors.  Not that this is really their fault…they probably had no direction on what they were doing.


Phillip, Skylar, Elise, and Joshua are up first.  They get their recap.  Jimmy liked Phillip and is rooting for him.  Jimmy thinks Skylar could have been better because she has enormous potential.  For Elise, Jimmy loved her, too!  He thinks she is going to be around for the long haul.  And Joshua has many fans including Jimmy and Percy Sledge.  Phillip and Joshua are both safe.  Skylar also gets sent to the “tour stools” and Elise is sent to the bottom 3. Obviously undeserved.


Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato
Of all of the Disney Channel alum, I have always thought Demi has the strongest voice. I don’t know if I like her wanna-be-a-rocker look, but it is ok.  It is a catchy song, and will probably be on repeat on the radio soon.


Colton, Shannon, Deandre, and Jessica are up next.  Jimmy thinks Deandre could be in trouble.  He also thinks Colton will be middle of the pack.  With Shannon, Jimmy thinks she pushed too hard, and it showed all of her flaws.  He also thought Jessica screamed a little and that’s when she lost her breath.  As always Jimmy speaks the truth.

Colton is safe, Jessica is safe, and Deandre is safe, and Shannon is bottom 3.


Out Of My Head by Daughtry
I’m usually a fan of him, but this song was really screamy.  And not very catchy.  Maybe his other stuff on the new album is better.


Erika, Heejun, and Hollie.  Jimmy thought Hollie was great, but dressed frumpy.  He thought Heejun was bad.  And he thought Erika oversang the song.

Hollie is safe.  Heejun is safe (WTF?) and Erika is in the bottom 3.

Ryan immediately sends Elise back to the sofa.  And after the break, he sends Erika back to the stools, as well.


Shannon Magrane.  The judges decide not to save her, and she heads home.  Honestly, I will not shed any tears over this one.  Next week, please let it be Heejun.


It scares me that Elise keeps getting in the bottom…maybe she will pull a Haley and gain momentum as time goes on.  But she absolutely did not deserve to be in the bottom.

What do you think?  Did the right person go home?

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