Results Show, “JLo Almost Has a Nip Slip” Edition.

The first elimination night, and it will prove to be dramatic.  Someone has to be the first to go.  After the video intro package we jump right into the…



As by Stevie Wonder

There were many pluses to this group song, not the least of which is the prevalence of live singing and the lack of any lip syncing.  Yay Nigel!  There was choreography and good vocals.  Generally the problem with group songs at this stage of the competition is the whole thing is a little manic, trying to feature all the contestants.  This was organized and everyone hit their mark.  Nice work guys!  Next up?


The always requisite and generally lame Ford commercial was to Big Time by Peter Gabriel.  Nothing to write home about, per usual.

After the break we get to the results where in we get to see Jimmy speak the truth!

Jessica, Elise, and Hollie are up first.  To no one’s surprise, Elise is in the bottom 3 girls, and Jessica and Hollie are safe.  Again, America is getting it exactly right!

After this, Heejun, Jermaine, and Colton are up for the guys.  Colton is safe.  Heejun is safe.  But Jermaine is in the bottom 3 guys.

What is with the heart monitor graphics?  Who’s heart rhythm is that?  Probably Nigel’s…he is the only one that calm.



Georgia Peaches by Lauren Alaina 

Oh Lauren Alaina.  The whole performance was just awkward.  The Carrie Underwood hair, squashing in between the boys on the sofa, flirting with Randy.  It was just weird.  Live it up now, Lauren, because Skylar Laine gave you the stink eye and is planning on coming up the ranks!

After the break, Erika, Shannon, and Skylar are up next.  Erika and Shannon are sent to the benches of doom, while Skylar is safe.  Elise’s mic was turned on when she said it was the “old ladies” on the benches.  Save the “old ladies!”  Those girls need some love, too!

The last group of boys is up next–Phillip, Jeremy, Joshua, and Deandre.  Phillip is safe.  Deandre is safe.  Which puts Joshua and Jeremy in the bottom.

But no sooner did the bottom six gather on the sofas, Ryan immediately sends Joshua and Erika back to the sofa…they are safe.



Some new pimped song by Mary J. Blige 

While I somewhat appreciate the fact that her performance lacked any gimmicks and was just her straight singing, it lacked a bit of entertainment factor.  She should hire JLo to dance behind her performances.

After the break, we get back to the final results.  Jermaine and Shannon are sent back to the sofa.  Leaving Elise and Jeremy as the bottom girl and bottom guy.  JLo nearly had a nip slip while trying whisper in Randy’s ear.  I hope she’s taped in – that could be scandalous.

With nary a sing-for-you-life performance, the judges use the commercial break to decide the fate of these two contestants.  And they “save Elise” aka, choose to boot Jeremy.


 The poor kid doesn’t even get a swan song, and has to watch is peace-out package over a soundtrack of Scotty McCreery.   Are we really into cruel and unusual punishment, Idol?

I thought it would be Shannon, but she manages to squeak through and lives another week.  I think Elise will have a breakout performance next week, but Shannon will continue to struggle.  It will be an interesting journey with this group!  Once we weed out the very few shaky contestants we will be left with about 10 that are solid.  I’m really looking forward to this Idol season.

3 thoughts on “Results Show, “JLo Almost Has a Nip Slip” Edition.

  1. ryanflip

    I think you were wrong when you said previously that the whole “boy/girl” thing was sabotage… Idol realizes that for the past several seasons they have had the same kind of winners, and little to no success on the music charts. There was no doubt that whoever the “lowest” of the guys were, was going home… They are so desperate, i would bet they pull another similar gimmick to this by seasons end


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