The Voice Auditions 5

The last audition show!  Thank the Voice gods.  I am anxious for the next round.

Whitney Myer – “No One” – I love her voice! She takes some wonderful liberties with her runs and inflections she makes on the song. I think she is one of the best auditioners thus far. She went TEAM ADAM.

David Dunn – “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” – He had some wavering in his voice and he wasn’t as strong as he could have been. He has a nice voice but sounded nervous and I think that is why the judges were hesitant.

The Sheilds Brothers – “Dancing With Myself” – These guys are two balls of energy! And slightly chaotic. Maybe CeeLo will help channel that energy into success. They go TEAM CEELO.

 Cheesa – “If I Were A Boy” – She was a little weak in her lower register, but in the heart of the song she was strong, yet sort of uncontrolled.  I understand their hesitation.  But ultimately she went TEAM CEELO.

Preston Shannon – “The Midnight Hour” – This guy is pretty awesome, and no one picked him!  They are all crazy.  No one turns around for this guy.

Lex Land – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – I am actually not a fan of her’s…she sounded really nervous.  Maybe she would be better outside this situation.  But she goes TEAM BLAKE.

Cameron Novack – “You Oughta Know” – This guy was awesome, and CeeLo said he made a mistake.  He is extremely versatile, too.  But no one turns their chair around.

Orlando Napier – “Waiting On The World To Change” – I loved this performance and I’m surprised Adam is the only one to turn around.  This guy has some serious natural talent, and will probably be pretty awesome.  He goes TEAM ADAM.

Lee Koch – “Like A Rolling Stone” – The harmonica got Xtina in the end!  He had an interesting tone, but no range, really.  But maybe he has a few tricks up his sleeve.  He goes TEAM XTINA.

Wade – “Rehab” – This was a fun rendition of this often heard song.  He will be perfect on TEAM CEELO.

Adley Stump – “Last Name” – She was WAY pitchy.  She was just all over the place.  I can’t believe that both Blake and Xtina picked her.  Desperate at the end, guys?  She goes TEAM BLAKE.

Beta, Aaron Gordon, and Lana Lowe, all get rejected by Xtina before she finds her match.

Sera Hill – “I’m Going Down” – Aw, Xtina gets up and sings, and Sera holds her own with that diva!  This one has some talent, and will be great on TEAM XTINA.

The blind auditions are over!  Yay!  Next week we have the battle rounds, and this will prove to be very exciting.  I am exciting for the format to change up a little.  Plus Kelly C makes an appearance.  Always good for some vocal reality show crossover.  Until then!


One thought on “The Voice Auditions 5

  1. clairedono

    The best I heard was a tie between Wade and Lee since I thought their takes on their respective songs were very interesting and particularly Wade really sold his song. It’s a shame that from what I hear, none of them actually get to perform their own music so “Voice”, like “Idol”, misses out on even more original talent that other contests like MakeAStar utilize.


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