The Voice Auditions 4

Another night of Voice Auditions!


Ducky – “Tighten Up” – Ducky didn’t get picked…Although all the judges say they regret it.  His performance didn’t come out and grab me either, and I guess I can see why he didn’t get picked.  But his look was pretty rockin!  Too bad this competition isn’t called The Look.

Jonathis – “You Got It Bad” – This kid is a great dancer and a great performer, but I don’t know if he is really that strong of a singer.  CeeLo and Xtina both turned their chair around, but ultimately he made a great decision and chose TEAM XTINA.

Monique Benabou – “Mr. Know It All” – She has a STRONG voice but she had a few pitch issues especially around the bridge.  But it wasn’t so bad that it can’t be fixed.  I think that is why Xtina hesitated, but ultimately chose her.  She went TEAM XTINA.

Naia Kete – “The Lazy Song” – There are 3 generations of dreds in this family!  She is a singer on the third street promenade, and she has a very nice tone to her voice.  It sounded strong and soothing at the same time. Blake and CeeLo turned around and she chose TEAM BLAKE.

Erick Macek – “Free Fallin‘” – I really liked his interpretation of the song, but his voice just wasn’t strong enough.  He doesn’t get picked.

Charlotte Sometimes – “Apologize” – She has this very indie sound to her voice, and made all four judges turn their chairs.  But in a surprise decision, she chose TEAM BLAKE.

Tony Vincent – “We Are The Champions” – This Broadway boy knocked it out with this performance.  It is tough to pull off Queen and he did it well.    He went TEAM CEELO.

Anthony Evans – “What’s Going On” – He has a voice that can actually be quite versatile.  He may not have big range, but as Xtina said, he was technically excellent.  He went TEAM XTINA.

Jamie Lono – “Folsom Prison Blues” – What a great rendition of that song!  This is one of my favorite performances thus far.  Adam and Ceelo turn around, but he goes TEAM CEELO.

Dylan Chambers – “Valerie” – It wasn’t thrilling for me, and I understand why the judges didn’t pick him.  he seems too young and needs more work.

Justin Hopkins – “Babylon” – This was a less than thrilling song choice for him–he has a great voice, and I think CeeLo will do well with him.  He goes TEAM CEELO.

Nicolle Galyon – “You Save Me” – She has some serious raw talent that can just be refined.  I’m hoping she can turn off the nerves and gain some confidence.  She goes TEAM ADAM.

A few snippets of performances: Ashley De La Rosa goes TEAM XTINA,  Jordan Rager goes TEAM BLAKE, Karla Davis goes TEAM ADAM, and ALyX (WTF is with the spelling?) goes TEAM BLAKE.

Eric Tipton – “You Make My Dreams Come True” – This guy would have gotten chosen if he picked a better song.  Hall and Oates?  Not so great.  He doesn’t manage to turn a chair.

Mathai – “Rumor Has It” – She is a cute girl and had a pretty nice interpretation of the song.  Not surprisingly all the guys turned around, and not surprisingly, she goes TEAM ADAM.

One more week of these auditions!  I really do find them entertaining, but I’m still going to whine about a two-hour episode.  I also hate how everyone has these weird health related sob stories…”I had my jaw wired shut.” “I have half a lung.”  Really?  I don’t blame the contestants, because clearly this is producer prompted…

Dear The Voice producers,

If I wanted to hear about people’s freak health issues, I would watch the Discovery Health channel.  Please stick to singing.  thx.


2 thoughts on “The Voice Auditions 4

  1. Biggest surprise of the night – Jamie Lono! As a HUGE Johnny Cash fan, I wasn’t expecting too much when he started, but I couldn’t have been more surprised — loved his preformance! Ducky was cool too so I was surprised he wasn’t picked up -he should def go the online route. My best friend heard about an online voice contest called ‘MakeAStar’ where they preform original music and are voted on — sounds like an ‘Idol’ for YouTube. I hope Ducky gives these kind of platforms a shot.


  2. TallGlass

    So I return to my favorite site to peruse during the seasons of American Idol and The Voice… only to find that its been abandoned!!! Say it aint so!?! Where do I turn now? There must be a petition or something to get things back in order!


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