The Voice Auditions 3

Another night of blind auditions on the voice!  What will be in store tonight?


Sarah GoldenYou and I –  Not really sure I liked how the show wanted to you try to be fooled if this androgynous figure was a guy or girl.  She had a pretty good voice, and I think she would be better on a different song.  She went with  TEAM CEELO.

Ellie DuheMercy – She had some good chops but need some polish.  I totally understand why no judges picked her, but I also understand why they all felt a little guilty for not doing so.

Pip (with no last name) – House of the Rising Sun – He had a pretty great performance and caused all four judges to turn their chairs.  They were taken in by the delivery and song choice and kept captivated by the orange Chuck Taylors.  He chose TEAM ADAM.

Erin WillettI Want You Back – She had a great gritty female big rocker voice and gave a great performance.  She only got one judge to turn around so she is TEAM BLAKE.

David GraceSweet Home Alabama – He was ok but he did do some weird things with his voice that were a turn off.  He needs to keep working at it.

Katrina ParkerOne of Us – Stylistically it was really interesting.  I think Adam lucked out with this one because she is pretty good and unique. She went TEAM ADAM.

Geoff McBrideHigher Ground – Wow, this guy has got some chops!  He choses TEAM XTINA.

Erin MartinHey There Delilah – OMG her voice is SO OBNOXIOUS.  Adam is smart for not turning around for her.  She chooses TEAM CEELO.

James MassoneBetter Find Your Loving – This kid is kind of a mess.  I hope CeeLo can do something with him.  He chooses TEAM CEELO.

Winter RaeTake A Bow – She was pretty pitchy, especially in her lower register.  She is BFFs with Perez, who came out to support her. Unfortunately no judges turned their chair.

Chris Cauley – Grenade – He has a very smooth silky voice.  He asked Adam and CeeLo to arm wrestle for him.  But he chooses TEAM ADAM.

We didn’t get to see full performances, but  Nathan Parret went TEAM ADAM, Brian Fuentes went TEAM BLAKE, and Moses Stone went TEAM XTINA.

Jordis UngaMaybe I’m Amazed – The final performance comes from Jordis, and they definitely saved the best for last tonight!.  Wow, she is awesome, and she has a star name.  This girl will go far.  She picks TEAM BLAKE!

There is some serious talent on this show!  Wow.  However, I will say again that these two-hour episodes are looooong.  I wonder how many of these blind audition shows before they move on to the next round?


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