America picks, and is stuck in the Clinton Administration (Top 4)

Yep, Rachel Crow left last week.  And although apparently America voted her off, Nicole could have singlehandedly changed this outcome.  But alas, she effed it up for everyone, and was crying harder than a 13-year-old girl…literally.


But this is all old news, and tonight we get to hear the Pepsi choice song that was mysteriously pushed back from last week.  Spoiler alert: America sucks at choosing songs.

1. Marcus Canty

I’ll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men – I suppose I can’t fault him for song choice, so I guess I’ll fault America.  FAIL America.  Fail. And the performance?  The dancers?  Not a fan.  It all just drowned out the mediocre vocal stylings.

2. Chris Rene

Fly by Sugar Ray – Chris is never good doing covers.  And of all the covers to do, this was one of the lamest choices.  The performance was weird, the staging was weird.  America can’t choose the songs.  Lesson learned yet, xfactor?

3.Melanie Amaro

Hero by Mariah Carey – Again, and America fail on the predictable song choice, but a flawless performance nonetheless. The weird minor chords on the first verse were ineffective at “changing up” the song, and felt like a half-hearted rearrangement, as they progressed into the original major chords as the song went on.  It could have been arranged better.  That said, I’m not sure it could ahve been sung any better, even by Mariah herself!

4. Josh Krajcik


Come Together by The Beatles – Look, a song choice not from the mid-90s!  Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it.  I do like this song, and I like this song for him, but I didn’t love the arrangement.  Maybe it was the grim lighting or Josh’s fighting face, but something felt off.

5. Marcus Canty

Careless Whisper by George Michael – I kind of liked the spin they put on the song–mixing some GeoMich with some dance beats.  Didn’t love the production so much, but I disagree with Simon that it was horrific. 

6. Chris Rene

No One by Alicia Keys – I loved the first half of the song with him at the piano, and when he got up from the piano I would have loved if he would have busted out some of his own lyrics or something.  But no…the rest of the song was heavy on the backup singers, and off key singing.  Bleh…this could have been so much better.  But he does get props for the first half!

7. Melanie Amaro

Feelin Good by (most recently) Michael Buble – I mean, it isn’t my fave that she has ever done, but she is always amazing.  I do appreciate this song choice more than the predictable song, but I guess I just don’t love the song in general.  That said, she better effing make the finale  

8.Josh Krajcik

Hallelujah – I loved this performance, and I don’t even particularly love this song. Nice work, Josh!  The piano was played with soul, and the interpretation was emotional and spot on.  I loved it…really!

Best of the night was Josh’s Hallelujah.  I can understand why he was pimped.  Marcus was the worst of the night and most definitely deserves to be sent packing tomorrow.  If I can rank the remaining performers it would be:

4. Marcus

3. Chris

2. Josh

1. Melanie

Chris and Josh might swap, but I’m not sure.  Chris has had more brilliant performances than Josh, but Josh is much more consistent.  However, if Melanie doesn’t win the crown it is serious blasphemy.


And remember to follow me on twitter for unedited, off the cuff comments.  @idolreview18.  (Not that this entire website isn’t unedited and off the cuff. )


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