Top Five Live!

Yo yo yo.  (I had to insert a little Randy.  One month till Idol, have to start gearing up!)

So after last week’s “shocking” elimination of Drew and Astro (Spoiler: I was not shocked), The media created all of this controversy between Paula and Simon.  “They’re feuding!” “They haven’t spoken in six days…here is Billy Bush to reunite them!”

Its all crap I tell you.  Drew was sent packing because I don’t think she had the polish of the rest of the performers.  Astro was sent packing because people never forgave him from his on-stage outburst of arrogance two weeks prior.  I think Astro will get signed by LA Reid and with a bit more finesse could be a real player in the rap format. Drew?  Well, she either has to go country or Radio Disney.  Only time will tell.

But lets focus on the remaining five.  There are big voices all around.  Which will be great for double performances tonight…of what theme, you ask?  Well, X Factor continues to have a free for all mentality in themes, with round one being “dance music” AKA anything a DJ has ever remixed, and round two being “contestant’s choice.”  Sometimes I long for the challenge of 70s disco.  Perhaps an “Eighties Ladies” light would be awesome.  But I digress…lets get to the reviews, shall we?

1. Melanie Amaro

Someone Like You by Adele –  She has been blessed with a serious instrument, and singing an Adele song in her voice, almost takes away from the Adele-esque intimate nuances of the  song.  I do think Melanie’s voice was better on the dance remix version.  But lets just talk about her voice for a sec…always on pitch, never nervous she won’t hit a note, she is reliable, precise, well executed and amazing.  Like the Aaron Rodgers of X Factor contestants.

2. Marcus Canty

Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Kahn – He is a good singer, of course, but I still think he is really generic!  I still haven’t bought my ticket for the Marcus train.

3.Rachel Crow

Beautiful Girls – I like her enough, I do!  And I think there is a market for her, and I think her personality is well suited for TV.  But where would her album fall into today’s market?  Radio Disney, I guess.

4. Josh Krajcik

We Found Love by Rihanna – Again, I feel like these male artists who flip songs have been extremely prevalent on Idol throughout the last four-ish seasons.  They are fine and very exciting on these shows, but in the real world, I mean, where is Kris?  Where is David Cook?  Not on the radio, I’ll tell you that much.  I mean, they both has a flash-in-the-pan radio career, but not a long relationship with the airwaves.  So, I like Josh, and I think his voice is great.  But in terms of realistic viability?  Not sure he can cut it.  (Also, my apologies for spelling his name wrong for 3 months…I think that is right now).

5. Chris Rene

Live Your Life by TI/Rihanna – More Rihanna, huh?  Well, I liked him much better doing this song, than Josh doing the last Rihanna song.  I 100% agree with Simon, though.  He is not the best singer, he is not the best rapper, he is not the best dancer.  But overall, he has a pretty strong combination of these.  As a recording artist, I can see where he might fit in.  It would take him awhile to build up some cred with the Rap/RB format, but backed by LA Reid, I’ll bet he could become a part of some collaborations with some bigtime people to try and break in. 

6. Melanie Amaro


Believe by Whitney/Mariah – I know there is the “Thou Shalt not sing Whitney or Mariah” commandment on Idol/X factor.  Melanie sang both in one song.  However, she has the chops to be able to pull this off.  LA Reid is right – it is safe FOR HER.  It is usually a huge risk…but her voice is so amazing, it appears safe.  Maybe she needs to sing a big Kelly C song?  Or an even edgier rock song (I keep suggesting Pat Benatar!) to put more edge in her image? IDK.  Anyway, she can sing anything.  ANYTHING.

7. Marcus Canty

A Song For You by Donny Hathaway – This was really great, actually!  This is one of the first times I have genuinely liked Marcus.  No gimmicks, just some good, soulful interpretation.  Not so risky, but it could have been worse!  

8.Rachel Crow

Music and Me by Michael Jackson – Aw her mission is to inspire the kids!  I like her, and similar to what LA Reid said, I like the vision she has for herself.  I actually have to give credit to whoever has influenced her musical taste (parents? choir directors? itunes?)

9. Josh Krajcik


Something by Paul McCartney – There was something off at the beginning of the song…he was ahead of the beat and under the pitch.  But he got on track by the middle of the first chorus.  That not withstanding, the performance was good.  Big voice, good understanding of the capabilities of his voice.  But I wasn’t amazingly thrilled.

10. Chris Rene


Original Song, “God Only Knows” – First time seeing him on a guitar, his voice is sounding better than ever, and a totally different vibe than we have heard before!  I was amazed at his vocal abilities!  When he can just chill on a bench with a guitar, everything falls into place.  The lyrics could use a bit of work…but I still think this is his best performance.  Wow, go Chris!   

I don’t even know if there was a best of the night.  I think they all equally brought their A game, and it is going to come down to fan base.  If I had to guess, I would say Marcus and either Josh or Rachel is going home.  I assume it is another double elimination, as I would guess the finale is next week.  But not quite sure yet.


Another plug for twitter, as I find myself enjoying the live tweeting very enjoyable!  @idolreview18.  

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