MJ night spurs a double whacking

It is MJ night (apparently the requisite MJ night, as it appears this is a popular theme). But this is the first time that they had the whole fam in the hizz, including Katherine, Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Oh, and Tito.  LOL.

A little commentary (after all, what would this blog be without commentary)…As hard as Michael tried to shield his kids from the spotlight, I have to believe that he would be so unhappy with all the attention his kids get these days.   This episode appears to be exacerbating this even more than Extra and all the tabloid news shows do anyways.  His two older ones appear to do well in the limelight, but little Blanket always looks so scared – he could have stayed home.  Poor kid.

1. Josh Krajick

Dirty Diana – Super weird arrangement, did not like at all.  There are so many other options for him.  You can flip any MJ song into a rock song, or he can do something softer and ballady.  Just absolutely did not like anything about this.

2. Astro

Black or White – It was good, obviously. And his lyrics are amazing. However, I wish he could actually sing a bit. It would be a great complement to his rapping, especially in this show where he can’t really collaborate like he could (and will do) in the real world. I also don’t think it was his best, but it was definitely not bad. At this point, we know he can do this and it is nothing new.


Billie Jean – Oh that was AWESOME Drew!  She left the whole yodel thing at the door, sang with some authority, and sang an amazing version of this song!  Two thumbs up for Simon this week.

4. Rachel Crow

Can You Feel It – She seemed to stray off key a bit, but in her defense, it is not the easiest or catchiest melody to get.  I thought there could have been a better song for her.

5. Marcus Canty

PYT – This week was made for Marcus – and I loved it!  I am not so much a Marcus fan because I still feel he is generic.  But this week the whole production was good.  

6. Chris Rene

I’ll Be There – I actually liked this arrangement!  He still doesn’t have the greatest voice or the greatest rapping skills, but he also doesn’t overshoot and think he can do more than he can handle.  I didn’t mind him as much this week.  And dare I say, I sort of liked it?

7. Melanie Amaro

Earth Song – Wow!  Saving the best for last, huh, X Factor? That was an amazing vocal! Nailed it!  Nailed it!  It almost makes me forget this whole weird does-she-or-doesn’t-she-have-an-accent thing.  

Best of the night?  Melanie by a mile.  Worst of the night?  Josh Krajick by a mile.  Tomorrow’s double elimination will be rough.  I have a feeling that with his bad performance coupled with the dead man’s spot, Josh may be in trouble.  I also think Marcus and Chris could be in trouble, too.  I’m not sure what Rachel’s fan base is like, but she has not been on her A game the last few weeks, and could be a surprise factor in this bottom 3.


Also, per usual, I am apologizing for my blog neglect the last few weeks…I don’t think the show has been that exciting to warrant posting.  Also, for my live thoughts during the show, I am always on twitter @idolreview18.  Follow!



One thought on “MJ night spurs a double whacking

  1. ccc

    Melanie Rocks!!!!!
    I hope Simoin stops giving her balads to sing. We know she sings those very well anyway…..
    It’s time to rock the party on the X Factor
    On MJ week, she was clearly the MELANATOR !!!!!


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