XF Top 12

First XF Voting Performance! Bring it, yo!

1. Stereo Hogzz

“Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson – Nicely arranged, good song, exciting performance. They definitely have a lead singer and the rest are accessories. Maybe a bit more harmonization. That said, this is an exciting group, and I think Paula was the best one to mentor them.

2. Chris Rene

“Superstar” by Luther Vandross – Meh – I never bought his hype. I don’t think he is a good vocalist or performer. He is better when he is rapping, but even then, it is sing song-y rap. He could be in trouble with this deep talent pool.

3.Leroy Bell

“I’m Already There” by Lonestar – The vocals were superb, and he definitely connects with the audience. The song choice could have been better, although I understand why Nicole chose the song. I would like to see him again.

4. Rachel Crow

Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves – I don’t like any of these song choices for her in the last few weeks. I also don’t like these “man chic” outfits they are putting her in. She has great talent, and I like her as a kid, but I totally disagree with the guidance she has been given.

5. LaKoda Rayne


“Landslide” by Stevie Nicks – These ladies would be much better in the country format, at least in 2011. (In 2001 I would have said pop). I didn’t like the wind machine and found it very distracting. I like their voices and harmonies, but I think these girls in cowboy boots doing girl country would be amazing. This performance was way too…enya lite?… for me. Paula effed this one up.

6. Josh Krajick


“Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri – Sometimes his voice gives me hints of David Cook. He is talented, and I am totally on the Josh train, but I am more impressed by some other acts. That said, he deserves to stick around for awhile.

7. Melanie Amaro

“Desperado” by The Eagles – Why did Simon say they never cleared this sng before. Does no one remember Camille Velasco? Duh. I dare not utter her name and Melanie’s in the same paragraph, though. Melanie is amazing. UH-MAZE-BALLS. Heh, and we thought Pia was good.

8. Astro

“Hip Hop Horay/Get Ur Freak On” by Naughty by Nature/Missy Elliott with a little original rapping by Astro – I lurve this kid. LURVE. He is so talented and so exciting on stage. It is about time that we get a good rapper on a voting show. Plus, he is pocket sized. Who doesn’t want an adorable pocket-sized rapper? Perfect for all of your gift giving needs.

9. Intensity

“Kids In America/Party Rock” by – OK, I like Radio Disney (I know, I’m like, 12), and as much as they don’t want to be a kids group, they are, and they should embrace that. It is a platform for each of these kids to work on their craft and build confidence and experience.

10. Drew

“Just A Dream” by Nelly – I like her, but the yodel tone of her voice is a little much. I like it in small doses, but when the whole song is on the line of the break in her voice, it becomes too much for me. She definitely needs some finessing.

11. Marcus Canty


“Every Little Step I Take” by Bobby Brown – half smile + – It was pretty good, but I wasn’t in love with it.

12. Stacy Francis

“Some Gospel Song” by some gospel artist – OK, She is good. But she is not as effortless as Melanie, not as interesting as Astro, not as marketable as Lakoda Rayne (the country version…tonight notwithstanding). She might have been the shining star in AI Season 9, but this show is cutthroat, and I’m not sure how far she will make it. However, she deserves another few weeks to try and win me over.

Best Tonight, Astro and Melanie, followed quite closely by Intensity and Stereo Hogzz. The true outlier tonight was Chris Rene, and he has to be out tomorrow.

(As you can see, there are no floating heads yet. Shocker, right? We’ll work on that.)

Tomorrow is an hour results show. What type of entertainment can we expect? Group singing? Judge shenanigans? Guest performances? Maybe this Steve Jones guy will sing…that would be different, anyway. Should be an exciting show!

2 thoughts on “XF Top 12

  1. Gretchen Daul

    I agree with all your comments. I really liked Intensity – actually, their performance was much better than Glee has been this season. I agree that the potential for Lakota Rayne has not yet been tapped. And that Rachel Crowe has not gotten the best advice. I predict Josh, Melanie and Astro will be top three. (On a proofreading note, change no. 8 above to Astro.)


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