Squeezing 17 to 12 (X Factor)

So I have 4 million excuses…Baseball, football, losing baseball, not having a DVR, not knowing the special night switch and watching the Biggest Loser instead, blah blah blah.  Also, I don’t have floating heads yet…my computer won’t load photoshop, etc.  blah blah.  You don’t want to hear it.  But I did watch the Top 17, and I have comments!  That is what you came here, for, right?



Live performance show! here we go, top 17. The judges have their final cut tonight, and they can each only take 3 acts to the live voting next week.

Astro – “Jump” – How much do I love this kid! He is so talented, and such an excellent rapper!

Chris Rene – “Abandoned Me” – There were some pitch issues in the “false” and the vocals weren’t strong.

Phillip Lomax – meh, this was way too overproduced for me, and the arrangement didn’t work, the ending was a hot mess, and felt like he was straining. This was a bunch of no.

Marcus Canty – “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” – It was pretty good, but I didn’t like the song choice for him. I wasn’t thrilled.

Of the boys, Astro is by far the best. LA Reid has to make a decision, and he ousts Phillip Lomax. It was appropriate after tonight, although I feel bad because he was kind of led astray by song choice.

Stereohogzz – “Try A Little Tenderness” – I actually loved this! I agree with Simon (duh), that it was the perfect mix of retro and current.

Brewer Boys – “Faith/Rich Girl” – They are so cute, and total teen beat cover boys. they are definite JoBros knockoffs, but they are cute, and I think there is room for another group like this on radio disney.

Intensity – 369/Footloose – Simon compared them to Glee, but again, I see them as Radio Disney. Also, they can be combined in different ways for different songs. There are a lot!

Lakoda Rayne – “Come On Eileen” – Wow, these ladies are awesome, too!  This is a modern Dixie Chicks. And they are all talented.

This groups category is stiff! Wow, I can’t even pick for Paula. Dear Paula, if you wanted to restart that drinking habit, now would be the time. Aw, Paula cut the Brewer Boys. They are so cute, and they do need a little more polish, and hopefully the Disney Channel will pick them up.

Dexter Haygood – “Womanizer/I Kissed A Girl” – It was funky and cool, but there wasn’t a whole lot of singing going on.

Leroy Bell – “Nobody Knows But Me” – I really like this guy a lot, and I hope he gets put through. His voice is fabulous, and with the right song, he could be amazing.

Stacy Francis – “One More Try” – I liked the performance, and I disagree with Simon that she is a church singer. She is more versatile than a church singer, and should get more credit than that.

Josh Krajik – “Forever Young” – I liked this! His voice is amazing and he has to get put through.

Dexter has to be the one ousted. And he is. Thank you for making the right decision, Nicole.

Onto the girls…

Simone Battle – meh, I have not liked this girl since the beginning. I know Simon sees pop star, but she is not nearly as good as someone like Rihanna, and she will just look like a cheap immitation. Simon is smoking crack on this one.

Rachel Crowe – “Where Did Our Love Go/Baby” – She is good, but the whole production wasn’t that great.

Drew – “What A Feeling” – She has great phrasing! This girl has some serious potential.  Watch out, Taylor Swift.

Tiah Toliver – “Sweet Dreams” – um, what?

Melanie Amaro – Seriously, Simon? You picked this oversung ballad for this girl? I mean, hands down, best voice in the competition, and it is just asking for defeat with a song choice like that. But her voice can overcome ANYTHING.

Simon made the right decision and eliminated the questionables: Tiah and Simone.  Good choice, Simon.

I am unbelievably pleased with this group of 12.  There are only a few weak links (Marcus and Chris, maybe Rachel, although I think she just needs different guidance because her raw talent is great).  Front runners are Astro, Josh Krajick, the country girls, and Drew.  I love Stacy and Melanie, but they are going to have to work hard to choose good songs and stay relevant, especially when competing with little sparks like Drew and Astro.  It will be stiff competition, for sure!

Perhaps I will get my act together by next week and make floating heads!  I am also so excited to finally see how the voting procedure works…better than idol?   Likely.


One thought on “Squeezing 17 to 12 (X Factor)

  1. Gretchen Daul

    So here’s my take: All the judges brought along one (or two) weak contenders that they could oust without much controversy. There were some REALLY talented people they sent home last week so this week was pretty cut and dried.

    The Girls – My favorite is Melanie – what a voice!! And her physical transformation by the stylists is remarkable. Drew is too Sarah McGlocklin-y – kind of modern yodel-y. I don’t think she has the depth of talent. She’s entertaining, but one-dimensional. Rachel is interesting – she’d be good on a TV show with singing on the side. They could build a character around her.

    The Boys – Astro is by far the best. He’s dynamite!! Marcus is like an Usher Jr., but not as good. Chris Rene has pitch issues – compelling backstory but not enough talent. And Phillip Lomax should have been eliminated in the last round.

    Over 30s – My fav is Josh – great voice full of soul (Michael McDonald in a Meatloaf sort of way). Stacy Francis is too much of a drama queen and she’s not always on pitch – sort of a Patty LaBelle wannabe. But I also love LeRoy Bell – so understated but so talented. I agree with L.A. Ried, I can’t understand why nobody has discovered him. He should already be a star.

    Groups – This is a fun catagory. But the Brewer Boys were the obvious ones to go home. I love the four girls and I can see that they would be a commercial hit (Simon would love this – four beautiful girls to promote). Intensity is like Glee Jr., but with some uneven talent – some are fabulous and some not-so-much. For me, the jury’s still out on Stereo Hoggs.

    It will be very interesting how the voting goes. I’m glad it’s down to 12 contestants – the show took forever!!


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